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Is Digital the way forward for advertising in Malaysia?

The digital world is upon us and in being so, the digital economy is now more prominent than ever, not only in Malaysia, but around the world. With more than half of the total population of Malaysia owning a mobile phone, it is surely time to sit up and take notice of the importance of digital communication which is rapidly growing around us today.

Mobile market the fastest-growing

Since mobile phones became a part of life, it has become more important than anything else that came about. Mobile phones have become more important than other essentials in life mainly because it is close and personal to the consumer. This means that the opportunity to direct an advertisement to the consumer is possible, unlike the mass media of television, radio and print which was like throwing a net to the open sea and hoping to gather the right fishes.

Cannot avoid digital advertising anymore

The issue of digital advertising is no longer a question on whether it is effective because it is. Period! Perhaps the more suitable question is will it be the way forward for advertising which will see this sector overtaking the popularity of other media and eventually becoming the primary force?

At the moment, it might not be but one cannot discount the fact that it could well be in the future. For starters, agencies have now given digital advertising more prominence where they have created their own digital media departments. Although this media has yet to gain much momentum, they surely are placing the grassroots in preparation for the boom which might come sooner or later.

Conventional Media going digital

Among some of the strategies that conventional media has embarked on include:

  • Newspapers like The Star and Malay Mail have already created and started marketing their electronic-newspapers (e-paper)
  • The Star had once launched their Augmented Reality (AR) advertising application
  • Integration with social media like Facebook and Twitter have already been used by major brands

LED digital Boards gaining momentum

On top of that, the Malaysian advertising industry had experienced a resurgent of signboard advertising with contemporary technologies like LED digital boards in recent years. While this might not be in the likes of digital communication, it is a form of digital technology.

With the rising of demand, production cost of LED components have decreased considerably and coupled with the freedom to change content which are rich and clear, LED digital boards are now gaining momentum along roads, public spaces like shopping malls and buildings and other places.