Is online media killing television advertising?

More than 50% of Malaysians now connected to the internet. That would pose a problem for conventional advertising media like television right? After all, since the internet became a way of life for people around the world, it has taken up some of the time spent on television.

Internet time more than TV time

In fact, it has taken up ‘most’ of the television time, especially among the younger generation. There really aren’t that many things to watch no TV these days are there?

Generation Y more prominent than ever

And of course TV has to compete with the more mobile youngsters today who spend more time on their smartphones than watch TV. A recent survey in the United Kingdom showed that only 23% of its respondents between 16 and 24 years old said that they will struggle without watching television.

So what is the future like for television? Is this scenario going to be a problem for advertisers in particular since the media is reportedly losing its audience? The answer is a firm NO!

The situation in Malaysia is slightly different as compared to neighbours like Singapore and other countries like Hong Kong and even Vietnam where about 5 years ago, the people in these countries connected to the internet are:

  • Singapore – 77.8%
  • Hong Kong – 68.8%
  • Vietnam has – 34% (2012)

TV losing market shares in other countries

In Singapore and Hong Kong in particular, more and more people are connected to the internet and television are losing in market share. In Vietnam, the number is increasing each year. In Malaysia, internet users are on the rise too but there are still large portions of the Malaysian population who are living in the rural areas in which the television is an important communication channel.

The few factors why television is still very important in Malaysia is because:

  • Politics
  • Dependence on TV for information

Politics among most talked about issues in Malaysia

Mainstream media in Malaysia is very much controlled by the ruling political parties which form the federal and a majority of state governments. It is believed that the main reasons why television is still very much used to deliver messages to people in the more rural areas is because the government (ruling party) still uses this media to inform them about the government’s efforts to better their lives and create a better world for them.

Malaysia’s political landscape is very unique. One of the most influencing factors of this landscape is that people in the rural areas are very dependent on the government for development and subsidies. Hence, it is perceived that whoever has the ability to improve their lives will be voted into power and so far, there have not been any other options.

Television is used as a propaganda tool in these areas and unless that changes, this media will still be very prominent in Malaysia.

Dependence on TV for information –

While most of Malaysians today use the internet for information, it is still very much a media most popular among the younger generation. Less than 20% of those in the elderly group of Malaysians use the internet for information. They still sit in front of the television at 8.00pm to get their daily dose of news about everything under the Malaysian sun.

So, with all that mentioned, it must be noted that where television advertising is concerned, it could be diminishing in popularity in many parts of the world (most likely in developed countries) but Malaysia still has a strong market for it. There are those in the rural areas, which form a large portion of the country and those who are in the older age group who still depend on television although they know it could be bias. Advertising in this media will still reach them regardless of who owns the stations.

Youtube as a prime channel

Youtube is undeniably the preferred channel for 80% of the young generation with millions of users logging on to everyday.

Advertising on YouTube

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