Is Television advertising actually better than radio?

The area of advertising has often been regarded as being one of the most dynamic and competitive one. This is mainly because as one of the developing countries in the world today, Malaysia is experiencing some very dynamic changes and highly competitive environments amongst its various business sectors which are demanding for more active marketing and advertising efforts.

Target market crucial for advertising

In advertising, it is always important to ensure that the right type of campaigns is launched in order to reach the appropriate target market. The most popular media used by advertisers today are still television and radio despite the rising popularity of new media like digital and mobile advertising. Thus, the question often asked would be is radio or television better or are they the same?

Important issues to understand between Radio and TV

To understand this, it is important to know that both media has their own set of advantages.

  • In terms of targeted marketing, radio holds the advantage over television mainly because they are heard on local and national levels respectively. This means that you can decide who will listen to your ad. After all, there are the national radio and the regional radio which are confined to a specific region or area.
  • On the other hand, television is more targeted to the mass because they are free-to-air (FTA) stations. In Malaysia, FTA stations include TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV and Channel 9, all of which are available around the country. The only way to control who watches your commercial is to place your ad in the time-spots which are most likely watched by the group you intend to.
  • In terms of cost, the obvious choice is radio spots which are known to be cheaper than television spots. The varying factor would surely be the time that the advertisements would be aired. Television spots are more costly especially during prime time and once are never enough.

Visuals still important in ads

Where this is concerned, advertisers are aware that visuals are always more effective than verbal. After all, consumers appreciate richer contents as compared to those they have visualize and imagine. However, on the cost factor, not being too costly means that you can place repeated ads on radio and this could bring about the desired effect to your target market as well.
There really is no reason to consider television advertising if cost is a constraint but many advertisers have found that even with a lot of budget, the spots are often limited and very competitive.

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