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Known fondly to be one of the top gossip tabloids in the country, Kosmo! which got its name from Kosmopolitan has a strong following of readers across the country.

Among the top tabloid newspaper

Kosmopolitan is the Bahasa Malaysia word for Cosmopolitan is a compact format Bahasa Malaysia newspaper in the country. It began operations in 2004 and has a steady average circulation of around 35,000 since then.

Part of a bigger media group

The newspaper is owned by Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad, who also owns the most popular Bahasa Malaysia newspaper Utusan Malaysia and Mingguan Malaysia. Kosmo!’s introduction to the market was very timely because it came a a time when readers in Malaysia were looking for new alternatives.
This is because its parent publication, Utusan Malaysia is considered to be a very serious newspaper and to some extent the media mouthpiece of its owner, Umno, the largest component party in Barisan Nasional. A such, broadsheet newspapers have been constantly linked with political agenda and some light-hearted reading would be very much welcomed.

Gossips and celebrities

This is where readers were looking for more interesting news to read about everyday instead of those which are fed by the standard media which are either too corporate, too political or too boring. That’s where Kosmo! came into the picture and changed the landscape for them.
When it was launched, Kosmo! was sold for 80 sen on weekdays while it was at RM1 on Sundays where it is called Kosmo! Ahad. In 2007, they revised their pricing and Kosmo! began selling for RM1 everyday which is quite affordable and competitive as compared to other publications. To date, Kosmo! remains as one of the most read tabloid publications in the Klang Valley with very high circulation and print-runs daily.