Lifestyle Magazines – Catered Fully for the Socialite

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Lifestyle magazines can be quite confusing at times because they transcend across all genders, age group and societies. For clarity purposes, lifestyle magazines can be defined as publications that help you enjoy life better. This means that it could be in many different areas that might be of interest.

Making full use of luxury

In lifestyle magazines, you will mostly find some of the most significant issues that are being talked about in today’s societies and communities. In other words, you might find that such titles could either be very specialized or generic.

Luxury resources and trends to the reader

As you would have known by now, lifestyle magazines could either be:

  1. Specific – Involving a certain sector or interest area. This could be in the likes of fishing or boating or even baking
  2. Generic – Covers a broad area of interest that include arts, events and such

Specific to a certain field

There are actually various categories of magazines available but there are some with titles that are meant for lifestyle hunters. For example, Golf Malaysia might all be about golf but it includes resources and information about enjoying the best of life in the golfing circuit. Other titles that might be of interest include:

  1. Female – Predominantly for women but covers a lot of resources about enjoyment and leisure
  2. Fortune – Mostly about business but has topics of interest that might be a good read for those hunting for contemporary issues
  3. Expatriate Lifestyle – Targeted for foreigners working in Malaysia, this is one of the most popular titles that help them settle down and settle in as soon as possible

Broadest Lifestyle Resources

Besides those mentioned above, other magazine titles in Malaysia that provide the resources about enjoying life better include:

  1. Vision KL – Provides and complements the online portal that provides a wide range of events, happenings and entertainment information happening around the Klang Valley and beyond
  2. KL Lifestyle – One of the top titles in the arts and entertainment scene of Kuala Lumpur, this is quite a popular magazine which has a strong following
  3. Juice – This magazine started reviewing the entertainment and clubbing scene of the country and has since expanded to provide more information about events, happening activities and other related news that might interest the reader.

Adaptive and Revolutionary

Lifestyle changes all the time. This means it is very challenging for such magazines to remain relevant among the readers today. Otherwise, they might risk being obsolete as seen in so many other magazine titles that have surfaced and disappeared as fast as they began. This is made a lot harder with digital media. Hence, it is quite common for some titles to offer online resources as well. This means they can now connect with their readers better and more effectively.


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