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Malaysia Advertising Expenditure (ADEX) Report

 The effectiveness of advertising and the success of any campaign must be measured while the general outlook of the advertising industry of a certain market must be reported. In Malaysia, very much like any other markets around the world, Nielsen Malaysia will produce the Malaysia Advertising Expenditure (ADEX) Report that will provide a general outlook of the market and what has been happening around the industry.

In relation to this, the report will usually be compiled on a monthly basis with the figures published on each respective media to provide market practitioners and other related parties to get a feel of what the advertising industry is like and to better plan for the next year. It is through the ADEX report that all the parties involved in advertising and marketing use to determine which media to target based on their popularity and general uptake.

Essentially, the Malaysia ADEX report will compile the total billings of a specific month and then produce the charts that will demonstrate the highest spenders of ADEX of a specific month. How this works is that Nielsen will measure the advertising spending of each of the accounts based on the published rate cards while they also have partnership deals with certain media owners like outdoor media to obtain the data needed to publish these charts and graphs.
In other cases, Nielsen, a global leader in media and retail market research actually calculate the ADEX based on actual broadcast times of television and commercial spots of certain pay TV channels. The Malaysia ADEX report will usually covers all the important information that advertisers, agencies and marketers would need that include the percentage of media used by advertisers of a certain month before the year-long figures are derived.

These facts and figures remain as one of the most important factors that advertisers and brand owners to consider before they embark on their own ADEX campaigns because they will need to know who is advertising where and how much they are advertising. They will have to take note of the campaigns undertaken by their competitors so that they will be able to act accordingly.

Meanwhile, advertising agencies rely on these data to gauge the performance of the advertising industry as well the movements among all the media concerned. They will use them to plan their media campaigns better for their clients so that the latter could better leverage on their advertising dollars.

Image courtesy of Thestar Publication.