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Advertising.My was founded more than 20 years ago as a privately owned digital marketing and services company. Since then, we have crafted our services to provide the best quality to our clients and perfected our offerings.

Today, we are the leading telemarketing for both inbound and outbound call services. We specialize in using current platforms for lead generations and in capitalizing on database profiles to help our clients’ businesses grow in Malaysian and the surrounding region.

Cutting Edge Data Manipulation Technologies

As a digital-oriented company, we have invested heavily in functional and cost-effective IT infrastructure to deliver top-notch and high quality services to our clients. We believe that using current CRM and Call-Centre applications and training our team to maximize their functionalities would deliver the best services to our clients.

Besides that, we believe in empowering and nurturing our team to deliver the best customer service experience and to maintain and enhance the credibility and reputation of the corporate identity of our clients. As such, we have been engaged by some of the top companies in the oil and gas industry, IT and engineering firms, FMCG companies and many others.

A One-Stop Marketing Solution Provider

With our rich history of successful campaigns, coupled with our expertise in marketing and digital platforms, we have become the leading One-Stop Marketing Solution provider and we are not only specializing in telemarketing. Our expertise has grown into other areas that will enhance your campaigns including Database Profiling and other related services.

Our Telemarketing Services

When you work with us, you can expect your business to grow in every possible areas. Our services span across a wide variety of segments including assisting your business with marketing, pre and post sales and others which are offered via our telemarketing arm. This includes:

Managing All Calls – We can help you in managing both inbound and outbound telephone calls. This will help you to generate hundreds of business leads each day where our team will call your customer base or in relevant records or certain databases.

Conducting Surveys – This is possible through a designated customer-care telephone number. Our telemarketers are specially trained to run surveys over the phone which could be customized to help your business to make better decisions.

Events Management – If you have an event coming up or a special promotional roadshow and would like to look for attendees, then this service will be extremely useful. Our telemarketers will help you to manage your invitations and collate RSVPs for your events. This could be done not only for roadshows but could include seminars and product launches while our staff could be on standby to manage the registration of the event as well.

Database Management & Profiling – This is a very crucial service which we believe would be very useful for any business. We will help you to collect information about the certain sector you are interested. In doing so, we will clean up the records collected and ensure that proper database profiling is carried out. This is to ensure that only accurate and genuine records are captured and used to avoid wastage and reduce redundancy.

Lead Management – An important facet for any business, our telemarketers will help you to generate more leads. This does not only deal with getting the contact information but will involve setting of appointment and finding out the rate of interest from the potential customer. Besides that, our team of highly-trained personnel are fully equipped to try and convert records in the database into actual sales.

Data Management – We provide data entry and other database related services. We will build a database of what your business needs and then customize it to ensure that your business benefits from it. This include keying in data, transferring from one format to another archiving and retrieval of data and other related functions.

Email Marketing – When it comes to Email Marketing, no one comes close to what we can offer. We have over the past run countless email marketing campaigns for many clients ranging from MNCs, GLCs, SMIs and others. We provide a full-fledge email related service that include reports, effectiveness tracking and such to help you build a stronger brand.

SMS Broadcasting – We have the infrastructure and capacity to broadcast SMS to your target market. Using shortcodes and other engines, we can send out updates, product launches, information, reminders and messages of your products and services to recipients of a certain demographic or location. On top of that, we can provide delivery reports, response rates and reply functions to your customers.

Voice Broadcasting – This is a very unique service that we provide. Using our broadcasting platform, we are able to send out pre-recorded messages to thousands of recipients at any time. We have a robust system which can dial hundreds of phone numbers so that your voice messages are sent out to the right target audience.

Integrated Marketing Campaign with Database

If you are a business owner and has plans to reach your customers via an integrated or direct marketing approach, you must use a database. This is no longer something for the tech-savvy because any business today will need to have a collection of records of their customers.

This will allow you to manage your customers’ records in a more secure manner which by any means is very crucial. A database gives you a lot of efficiency when it comes to reaching your customers. This includes being able to send out a message to a large group of recipients at a fraction of the cost of snail mail or email and in a much shorter time.

A database is crucial for your business

Your business will enjoy a lot of advantages with Malaysian database. It gives you a good headstart in any form of marketing campaign. This is more evident especially if you are involved in digital promotions like using Whatsapp and Facebook.

When you have a collection of customer records, you can easily reach them via broadcast messages at the click of a button. That is not all. Apart from that, a database will give you the accessibility to analyse your customers in terms of their buying behaviour, the current trend and to predict future trends in the market.

As one of the pioneers of database management, we are very well-equipped to assist you in using this tool to improve your business. Our Malaysia database is designed with the following fields:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Company Name
  • Company Business Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Website
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Sales Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • Industry and Sub-Industry breakdown available.

Database Marketing Expert in Malaysia

We have been in the digital marketing industry for more than 20 years. Our expertise is in mobile marketing and all the different facets of this highly effective platform. We will be able to use our database for your business so that you can reach a large group of target audience for your campaign.

This method is cost-effective and affordable. Our expertise includes helping you to capture more response and we will analyse them for you. This can be in terms of product enquiries, customer service and other interactions.

As pioneers in this market, we have a large collection of records which you can use when you work with us. As such, it is very economical and practical where you need not have to spend more to source for such information.Once you start using database with phones and emails, you can then experience strong growth in your business which will include benefits as follow:

  • A head-start in reaching your target audience
  • Higher sales
  • Identifying and reaching your target market
  • Improved customer service
  • Better marketing and corporate communications to all parties
  • More effective customer retention
  • Better customer satisfaction who has better connection with you.


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