Let Us Manage your FB Marketing

Facebook maintains as a social network with the highest number of users. With over 2.4 billion active users every month, there is no reason why any brand should not use Facebook for marketing.

Not everyone knows how to use Facebook

A user on Facebook is different from running your business on this platform. If you have used Facebook for more than 10 years, it does not mean you are able to conduct a successful business there. Without the right strategy and content, a business will fail on social media. In fact, if Facebook is used wrongly, it could even drag the company down.

That’s where we come in

We have been in the digital marketing sector for over 2 decades. Our expertise and industry experience run deep into all facets and we were the pioneers that used social media for marketing. As such, we believe we are the best when it comes to Facebook marketing.

Over the years, we have created Facebook campaigns for large and small companies, helping them to reach their target audience using the most appropriate content. We can help you on Facebook in more ways than you can imagine.

How do we do this?

Our Facebook marketing process is an effective cycle that has been tested and proven. Our model has been adopted in companies coming from various industries.

  1. Business Analysis – We start by first understanding your business and marketing objectives. We have ventured into various industries. That means we are able to understand how your business works. More importantly, it helps us to understand what you intend to do on Facebook.
  2. Target Audience – Your target audience is the most important factor in Facebook marketing. We must ascertain who are you trying to reach and what do you want to tell them. This will give us a clear indication of what to do in the next stage.
  3. Content – After that, we will look at your Facebook page and evaluate the content. This is where we ensure that only relevant information is delivered on your Facebook page. It is not only about posting and sharing but putting out information that your followers are interested about.
  4. Design – We will then work with you to design what you should post. Whether it is an image, an infographic, a video or just text, we ensure that all the content posted on your Facebook page follows a set of consistent messaging. This is to ensure good brand recall.
  5. Strategy – This involves working out a schedule of when and what to be posted on your Facebook page. It also covers how we will spread the messages across through cross-platform advertising and other methods. On top of that, we will work towards gathering more followers and ‘Likes’.
  6. Follow-up – Using analytics tools, we keep track of what is going on in your Facebook page. We will gauge the effectiveness of certain areas and continuously find ways to engage your target audience.
  7. On-going – Once your campaign is underway, we do not stop there. We ensure that there will be constant engagement with your target audience. For this, we can build a robust and effective response system that will attend to the posts of your followers to ensure they feel associated and appreciated.

Growing your business is our priority

We are committed to not only build your business and brand but to grow it to greater heights. Our priority will always be to have your best interest fulfilled. Through Facebook, we can expand your reach to a larger audience who are interested and could potentially propel your business grow faster and more effectively.

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