Medical Digital Media


The use of digital screens at hospitals and medical centres will offer your ads an extremely effective and powerful media if you are planning to target this specific group of viewers. At medical centres, yours ads will be seen by your target markets who spend an average of 15 to 30 minutes during every visit.

This makes your ads extremely effective and will surely achieve the desired impact of your campaign. In most cases, digital screens used in medical centres are usually placed at waiting halls, registration counters, and consultation places as well as at the front entrance and lobbies of hospitals.

Digital Media at Medical Centres

The digital screens you see at Medical Centres and hospitals can provide your brand the platform to reach your specific target audience at these locations. Usually placed at high traffic locations, these digital screens offer a round-the-clock and all day media that can stream your video ads.

This media is extremely attractive as they provide the source of entertainment for the patients and those who accompany them during their visits to these centres.

As such, the digital screens are highly impactful if your brand is in the health and wellness industry, the fitness sector, gymnasiums, health supplements and any other related products. That which makes the digital screens so effective is the fact that your ads can be seen throughout the duration of their stay.

Rate: The cost of booking the media spots in digital media at medical centres and hospitals between RM5,000 and RM35,000 depending on the size and location of the screen. This can be in durations like 15 or 30 second spots. Besides that, this will depend on which hospital and medical centre you book the space in.

Health Portal

Besides using digital media at medical centres, you can use a revolutionary method of advertising through online health portals like health.family.my. In placing your ads in this type of media, you can now enjoy high ad-views and more effective marketing and advertising because you are can reach your target audience better, faster and in a more cost-effective way.

Through health.family.my, you have a dedicated online channel that provides all the localized and relevant information and resources for Malaysians who are health conscious and interested in wellness and fitness.

Rate: Advertising through health.family.my can be in different methods and styles. To sponsor the entire site, it will be RM25,000 per year where your brand will be used in every possible media spot of the portal.


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