Melody FM


Melody FM is operated under Astro Radio. It is one of the very popular Chinese-language radio stations in Malaysia.

Among the top stations

In the country, Melody FM is the fifth station offering Chinese music. It has however a different target segment which is more mature as compared to others. Under Astro, My FM targets the younger listeners while Melody FM targets those between 25 and 49 years old.

Advertising rates in Melody FM

To advertise on Melody FM, it depends largely the time of the year and different segments of the day which are:

  1. 6am to 10am – around RM370
  2. 10am to 1pm – starts from RM200 per slot
  3. 1pm to 4pm – around RM230 per slot
  4. 4pm to 8pm – around RM300 per slot
  5. 8pm to 12 midnight – around RM140 per slot
  6. 12am to 6am – around RM50


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