Minda Rakyat


One of the sources of news and information that came through the Reformasi era in Malaysia circa 1998 are the likes of M@rhein, Tranungkite and MindaRakyat. Those were the places that Malaysians turned to in order to find neutral and unbiased news at a time when the ruling government was clamping down on such news.

Background of MindaRakyat

MindaRakyat, together with many other portals were closed down around 1998 when their content hosted on Tripod.com was shut down for having breached certain political guidelines imposed by the government led by the then prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Since then, they have moved to other servers and platforms. One of them was Tranungkite or TKO that has since grown with several fund assistances.

Later, TKO expanded its content by providing more information including Detikdaily, Selatan Online, Cikgu Cyber and TKODaily. This saw the rebirth of MindaRakyat which would then grow to become what it is today.

Updated and relevant to readers 

While there are certain affiliations to TKO, MindaRakyat provides an independent source of information and opinion for the people. The main idea of MindaRakyat is to provide the space and source of news that are unbiased and to provide readers with neutral and balanced reporting and content.

Today, MindaRakyat seeks to dispel fake news and to offer alternative viewpoints of current affairs, political or social issues and other news so that Malaysians can be better informed, make sounder judgments and be able to participate in what is really happening across the country.


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