Marketing Guide

Offline marketing strategies that still work!

With all the talk on digital marketing and online marketing, does it mean that offline marketing is no longer effective? The paradigm shift has already moved and unless you have not been living in the current economy, mobile and online are now the new black!

What does this mean?

Businesses have changed tremendously in the last 5 years. Starting your business today is not just about registering your business. It simply means:

  1. You have created your Facebook account
  2. You are tweeting about industry news and current information
  3. You have a website
  4. You send push notifications
  5. You have a YouTube channel

What about the offline media?

While digital media has taken centrestage and crucial in ensuring success of any business, offline marketing are still playing important roles. Here are some that you should not ignore (especially if you are a SME or an entrepreneur).

  1. Out of home media – Affordable and more captivating, out-of-home (OOH) media has become more popular than mass media in recent years. People are more mobile in that they go out more. They travel on trains and buses more. They are on-the-move more. If you are have your ads on the digital screens in public transportation or along highways, you have a good chance of reaching your customers.
  2. Business cards – Sounds old-fashioned no? But it is never out of fashion. This is by far one of the most affordable and easiest way for marketing. You can give them out to people in your community or just put them in anywhere. If you like, you can even adopt a QR Code or an Augmented reality element in your card.
  3. Sponsorship – Nothing beats giving out prizes. In fact, if you sponsor prizes in a local event or competition, it helps the market to remember you. It is a small cost and you are participating for a good reason. Donation and sponsorship can give you a lot of leverage.
  4. Give talks – you have to be good at what you do if you are going to give talks. Discuss with your local college or institution and see if there is a possibility to give a talk about subject matters that are related to them. It can be about starting a business, entrepreneurship, marketing or just business in general. When you speak at events and schools, you expand your network and build relationships.
  5. Mail – This will be quite challenging. Email marketing might be something you can consider although there is still a lot of potential to go. However, you should consider using snail mail. In fact, a lot of businesses have stopped using snail mail because they think it is no longer relevant. You will be surprised to know that a lot of people still like to receive offers through their mailboxes. In your mails, you should send out vouchers or discount coupons. You might not get analytics from this but you get to be unique.
  6. Telemarketing – First, establish a list of customers that you know might be interested in your product. Then, call them. This is not only known as telemarketing but it is cold calling. In fact, it is one of the oldest ways in the selling book. You will be surprise that you might be able to generate some leads simply because each call is different and can be more personal than sending out flyers or through a marketing campaign.
  7. Press Release – The idea behind this is to celebrate success by blowing your horn. When you achieved something, tell it to the world. Use Press Releases and call the local press to provide coverage on your big party. That way, you get a lot of publicity not only for your achievement but in your brand and corporate image as well.

The main trick here is to embrace the current platforms of technology and digital media but do not forsake the offline ones. You will be surprise who they can still make a difference in your marketing campaign. All you need to do is to integrate them and create a healthy balance. In fact, if you go all-offline for one campaign, you might spring a surprise to your competitors.