Freestanding Billboard Advertising

Freestanding Billboards are among the most common type of boards used in outdoor advertising. In most cases, freestanding boards are those that see enacted along roads and highways which are usually standard in size.

This type of billboards is seen all around the country where they are highly visible to road users, particularly in the highways and major roads. Freestanding Billboards can be mounted onto a unipole or use standard stands to hold up the structure. Traditionally, freestanding boards are front-lit, using spot-lights and are known to be highly effective.


Freestanding billboards can be very impactful as they are usually enacted on roads with high traffic. The Federal Highway in
the Klang Valley is among the most popular highways where freestanding billboards are seen. This is because this media is very large and are clearly visible from a distance.

Locations and rates

Depending on the location, freestanding boards can be quite expensive mainly because of its visibility. Our network of freestanding billboards cover the Federal Highway, the Middle Ring Road 2, LDP and major roads around the country and
hence we have a wide range of choices that can suit your budget and campaign.

The standard size of freestanding billboards is 10×40 feet where we offer affordable rates in terms of media space and production cost while there are other large-format sizes available as well.