Freestanding Billboard – Sungai-Buloh near Bukit-Rahman-Putra (KM452.7)


Lighting Rate: No
Demographics: Rural-Chinese,-Rural-Malay,-Family,-Urban-Malay,-Urban-Chinese,-First-Jobbers,-PMEBs,-Internional,-urist,-Housewife,-Business-Owner,-Office-Worker,-College-/-University-Students,-Blue-Collar-Workers
No extra charge for design. Agency Commissions are paid by media owners. Rest assured that our clients will get the BEST RATE here!
Because of our bulk purchase from all media owners, we can provide lower prices.
Lighting Availability: N/A

Subject to 6% SST on rental, production & lighting


Prime site built strategically in North South Highway / near Bukit Rahman Putra (Sungai Buloh) 452.7KM. View : Sungai Buloh, Northbound. Viewing distance: 300 meters. Vicinity: Near Sungai Buloh.

Sungai Buloh, Bukit Rahman Putra, NSE Highway Expressway (KM452.7), Selangor

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