Plus Highway R&R advertising

Plus Highway R&R advertising
Advertising along highways can be very effective as it gives you good leverage and impressions among the intended target market. Peninsular Malaysia has several major expressways which are used by people travelling within cities and inter-states.

PLUS highway

PLUS highway is a primary connector between the various states along Peninsular Malaysia especially along the western coast. Along the entire stretch, there are many R&R (Rest and Relax) stations which are set up for vehicles to take breaks. The R&R areas are among the most frequented locations for vehicles who come here for toilet breaks, meals and other purposes.

Advertising at R&Rs

What makes R&R so attractive as an advertising option is that people usually spend at least 15 minutes there. Some R&Rs are more popular than others, which means they spend longer time durations.

At these locations, advertising media can be seen at many spots. Among the reasons you should consider placing your ads here include:

  1. Flexibility – Unlike other media, you are not confined or limited to committing to a certain period of time. In fact, the media at R&R are quite flexible, making them ideal for ad-hoc or short-term campaigns
  2. Availability – Digital billboards mounted at the R&Rs are played throughout the day. This means that your ad will be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and throughout the year.
  3. Sizes – There are several sizes available for advertising ranging from 30 to 60 D LED screens
  4. Format – The digital billboards are ideal if you want a more captivating media with good exposure. This is where you can place video and audio ads instead of static ones.
  5. Cost – In using digital ads, you save on printing and production costs. These screens allow you to quickly and very efficiently upload media as and when required without any elaborate teardown or installation.

Locations and number of screens

Starting from about RM45,000 for 3 months, you can now advertise on the digital boards at R&Rs across the nation. This include locations like:

  1. Gurun
  2. Gurun Semanggol
  3. Sg Perak
  4. Tapah
  5. Sg Buloh
  6. Dengkil
  7. Seremban
  8. Ayer Keroh
  9. Pagoh
  10. Machap
  11. Gelang Patah
  12. Nilai

At every location, there is a maximum of 10 screens available (besides Nilai which has 8).

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