Klia Departure Hall Boarding Gates – 148 LCD Digital Screens


Digital screens at prominent locations at the airport

This is a great option to advertise if you aim to reach your target segment of travellers who are heading to the boarding gates. There are in total 148 screens available which will give you repeat viewership as the passenger walks from one point to another. These free-standing screens are highly captivating and can be easily spotted from a distance. Strategically placed at visible locations, your ads will surely reach the intended target market around the airport.

  1. Spot duration: 30 seconds
  2. 5 minutes per loop that runs for 12 loops every hour
  3. Operational hours: 18 per day
  4. Total spots per day: 2160

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RATES 1 spot of 30 Second Ad Rate
(RM) per annum
12 MONTHS 260,000

Special bundle package: You can take the bundle package with the Klia Arrival Hall screens (24 units) at only RM380,000 per annum (original price: RM410,000)

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