Klia2 – Main Terminal Building Baggage Carousel – International Arrival

This digital screen is very large where it is situated right at the main building as passengers arrive from their international destinations. Being a freestanding double sided LED light panel, it is strategically placed at Carousel 9 where passengers are usually waiting for their luggage to arrive. This means that the screen can be viewed from both sides of the carousel, giving your ad maximum exposure and visibility.

Size: 4.5 feet (h) x 12 feet (w)

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Location Main Terminal Building– International Arrival
Type of Display Freestanding Double Sided LED Back Lit Slim Light Panel On Carousel 9
Display Material Computer Ink Jet Vinyl
Display Charges


per annum x 1 Nos

Production Charges RM7,860.00 (One Time Charge) x 2 Sides x 1 Nos
Lighting Charges RM3,510.00 per annum
Government GST% 6% payable by advertiser
Display Size 4.5 ft (H) x 12 ft (W)
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