Recovering your Online Reputation

Your reputation is as good as your business. This is more evident when it comes to having your business or brand known online. Are you aware of how crucial your online reputation is? If you have only been focusing on marketing with no regard for your online reputation, your business is surely heading for disaster.

We recover your online reputation or make it the best!

Are you suffering from a damaged online reputation? Have you been trying to get your brand off the ground but something is always missing like there seems to be someone trying to tarnish your image all the time? Whether it is to build a strong one or to repair an existing one, we are your perfect partner for this!

Your online reputation can be affected both directly and indirectly. Your competitors and customers will be the ones who can directly damage your reputation online. There is only 1 reason why competitors want to do this which is to beat you in the market.

For customers, they might not be aware of the consequences when they post a bad review of your products or write a complaint. They are only writing what they feel which they would want to see improvements. But the damage is ALREADY DONE! So what is your next step?

Repair the damage and come out better!

Online Reputation Management or ORM will determine how your customers find you. It will involve what they think about you which will then impact their purchase decision with you. What you don’t want is damaging or harmful content, but this is often not something you can control.

Since you cannot stop people (especially customers) from posting any negative remarks about you, the best method is to manage your online reputation. We are the experts in this domain. We have in the last few years helped our clients to turn negative into positive and to become good to best and best to great with an online image to beat!
We have been in the digital marketing industry for more than 20 years now. That puts us at the forefront of this industry and you will not find anyone with the expertise and industry know-how to repair your online reputation.

What do we do?

The equation is simple. We help our clients build their online reputation. Whether it is on websites or on social media, we formulate marketing strategies so that our clients get a robust and powerful reputation. In doing so, we know the ins and outs of how online reputation can be strengthened. Hence, if your business is suffering from damage in this area, we will know just where to start and what could be done.

Managing content

First, we will manage the content in your site to ensure they are search engine worthy. Besides that, we ensure that negative reviews are rectified. We will help you to follow-up with customers who are not happy with your product or services and ensure that you have happy customers. We will drive campaigns for your customers to turn their negative reviews into positive feedback. This is because more than 85% of online customers rely on reviews to help them decide.

Social media package

We will be evaluating your social media presence and identify where the loopholes are. We have a proven record on social media marketing which means we will find out why your reputation is weak on social media and how we can improve that. This could be due to the content you are sharing or the information that your followers are talking about. We will advise you on what content is best and the right way to share them.

The game plan

Ultimately, we want your business to flourish through a strong and powerful online reputation. When you work with us, we will help you in:

  • Assessing your online reputation – This is where we will determine how strong your reputation is. We will carry out surveys, online interviews with your friends, stakeholders and anyone to see what they think about you. This allows us to gauge what can be done next.
  • Determine how far you want to go – We will next help you to decide what you want your online reputation to be like and how high you want to go. Not only that! We also help you to maintain that reputation.
  • Strategize – We will then provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan that will repair your current online reputation and subsequently build a strong one that will give your business is whole new headstart. This will include changing or modifying your content as well as adding new features to what your customers know about you
  • Monitor and deter – After all that is in place, we will help you to monitor your online reputation. There is no point in repairing your online reputation if it can be damaged again overnight. We will put in place a plan that will deter future damages or attempts to tarnish your image. Your business will be protected from further damage or attacks and if such occurrences happen, you will have the tools and countermeasures in place.

What say you?

Our records speak for itself. We are the best you can find in this area of marketing. We have built brands that have withstood stiff competition in all types of markets. We have been the pioneers and leaders in digital marketing for businesses across the region. As long as you need an online presence with a reputation, we are the best people to help you.

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