Marketing Guide

Rope These Twitter Tools in Right Now to Boost Your Marketing Strategy!


Just like how it’s crucial to have a parachute on when you’re skydiving, it’s absolutely vital that you have a good Twitter toolkit before venturing into the Twitter marketing world. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, don’t worry as we’re here to guide you on the essentials.

For Analytics

• Twitter Analytics Dashboard
Anyone can access Twitter’s Analytics Dashboard and it’s a fairly easy way to obtain basic stats on your activities on Twitter.
• Twitter Engage
A partner app that gives you real time data and insights for you to better understand, engage and grow with your consumers. Here you can find your most important followers and important mentions.
• Tweetreach
Key in any hashtag, account or keyword and Tweetreach will give you a report on how far your Tweets have travelled.

For Competitive Analysis

• Twitonomy
Provides specific analytics on anyone’s Tweets, Retweets, replies, mentions or even hashtags as well as giving you vital insights on your followers and accounts you are following.
A revolutionary way to spy on a competitor by simply keying in their Twitter handle and you will get analytics of their Tweets and follower ratio.

For Identifying Leads

• Mentionmapp
A great tool to help customer discover on Twitter and you’ll be able to target your message and content based on these insights.
• Demographics Pro
Provides instant access to Twitter profiles to gain demographics details such as gender, age, income, location and etc.
• LeadSift
A tool that identifies leads from Twitter and categorizes them based on their intent.
• Resonance
Provides a way for you to discover potential customers on Twitter by notifying you on who is engaging with your brand and what caught their interest.

For Mentions & Monitoring

Capable of monitoring billions of sources in more than 40 languages so that you won’t miss on another mention again.
• Keyhole
Allows you to track conversations in real time by displaying the details of your retweets, likes and impressions on your dashboard.
• Twitter Dashboard
A free tool that gives you a chance at creating custom feeds to discover what is being discussed about your business.

For Social Listening

• Brandwatch
Permits you to solidify your social media monitoring capabilities by the power of deep listening.
• Synthesio
Calculates sentiment and reputation to discover how consumer perceive your brand which can be used to improve customer engagement as well as the business itself.
• Twitter Lists
A native Twitter feature which allows you to split up your timeline and create mini-newsfeeds which is a better way of monitoring influencers, industry trends as well as rivals.

For Timing

• Tweriod
Provides you with the best times to Tweet to have the biggest impact.

For Twitter Chats

A feature that organizes your conversations on Twitter and creates a priority list of things you should respond to.
• TweetChat
Allows you to follow the chats of a particular hashtag. If you reply to it, the hashtag is automatically included to your Tweet.
• Chat Salad
Provides a useful calendar list of upcoming Twitter chats put together by hashtag.

For Images

• Twitshot
An easy tool for extracting images from links and pinning them to your Tweets.
• Canva
Offers a way to add visuals, whether pre-made templates or your own photos, to your social media posts.
• PicMonkey
A photo editing tool to generate stunning images for social media.
• Social Image Resizer Tool
Use this to quickly resize your images for social media purposes.

To Find Influencers

• Klear
The best way to locate influencers as it has over 500 million profiles, 60,000 categories and five years of historical data.
• FollowerWonk
Allows you to look for influencers via keywords in their social media bio – making it that much easier to search and connect with them.
• Buzzsumo
Displays the most popular content that is currently being shared within your industry along with singling out influential people who will be able to share it.

For Trending Topics

• Trendspottr
Hootsuite’s Trendspottr app gives you a chance to look for topics by content, sources or even hashtags.
• Nexalogy
Helps in picking out important conversations that are currently happening on Twitter by analysing the accounts you follow, hashtags as well as search terms.

For Following – Unfollowing

• ManageFilter
A great tool to manage who you follow as you can quickly sort out which accounts to continue following and which to unfollow. (Inactive accounts, people who have unfollowed you, or spam)
• DoesFollow
Gives you a way to find out who follows whom on Twitter.
• Refollow
You can automatically follow people that are relevant to your brand and industry with this.