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Should you jump into Content Marketing?

content marketing

In many ways, marketing has evolved into something which needs a lot of thinking. In fact, conventional marketing would not work the way it did 5 years ago. Today, a lot of marketing deals not only on how you do it but on what you do.

Enter the world of Content Marketing

This might not be something that many have heard of but it surely has a strong impact in many ways. Content marketing to many quarters is a new type of marketing. The main key word here is media. What it does really is that it helps to offer content that are media-based to the target audience. What they get in return is really a longer attention span but isn’t that what all marketers want?

What is this all about?

The most significant factor about content marketing is that it has some sort of attraction that makes your target audience wants to know. In conventional marketing, the main key is to interrupt the customers or to create some form of disruption so that you get noticed.
Content marketing on the other hand offers your target market something in exchange for permission so that you can carry out your marketing exercise with them.

Where did conventional marketing go wrong?

Some call it mistakes, others call it flaws but conventional (or traditional) marketing has had its hey-days. Those days are now long gone. In fact, if you keep relying on traditional marketing, then your campaign is heading for the dumps. What then are the main problems?

  1. Interruption – Companies are just so used to using interruptions in conventional marketing. Whether it is a TV, Radio or Magazine ad, they were all designed to interrupt the customer when they are doing something else. For instance, watching a TV program. Where is the value for your target audience? They honestly do not have any reason to watch your ad anyway.
  2. Placement – Location is everything for traditional marketing. You need to have your ad visible at locations where your target audience is. Timing is somewhat everything. Catch them when they cannot do anything or go anywhere. That’s the main trick
  3. Creativity – The words and images are crucial. You need some clever wording or exceptional creativity so that you can catch your viewer’s attention. And then there is the issue of duration

So the main flaw here is that, too much hinges on these factors that are really not in your control. In fact, you place and ad with the best possible timing and message and then hope that your target audience watches it through.

Benefits of Content Marketing

This is how content marketing really works. To understand this, you must know what are your options in offering content. It can come in any of the following forms:

  1. Blog postings
  2. Guides – downloadable and real time
  3. Podcasts
  4. Infographics
  5. YouTube videos

Who then are the main players in content marketing? Most marketers would come across major players like Copyblogger who is known to be among the most successful parties of this form of marketing. What CopyBlogger does is that they provide internet marketing tips for customers on a daily. The contents are that which are of value to the audience.
Toyota – This is perhaps one of the best examples you can use for content marketing. Toyota, being the largest automotive producer in the world came up with their Toyota Youtube Channel which was aimed at gaining the attention of their customers. This was done when they launched the Sienna minivan, one of the most popular names in this category. Instead of an ad, they used a rap video which ran for more than 2 minutes and garnered almost 10 million views.

What is so good about Content Marketing?

The best way to know what content marketing can do is to know what conventional marketing cannot. Among them includes:

  1. Value – Conventional marketing does not give your target market the value that content marketing can. In fact, customers tend to escape ads because they just do not like them. content marketing meanwhile, gives them a reason to find out.
  2. Education – no other marketing comes close to what content marketing can do. Customers are given the information and education of the product so much so that they would be interested to purchase them. By providing content which is useful for them, your customer realize how much theu need your product.
  3. Returning the favour – Because you are giving so much benefits for your customers, they feel a certain reason to return the favour. As such, they are more receptive of your campaign. Imagine customers who feel that they are indebted to you in one way!!
  4. Relevance – When you create content which is relevant to your customers, you not only reach one group. Instead, you get to reach an extended group because your content will most likely get shared on social media. If your content is useful, it can go viral and this can go on for ages.

So there you have it! Some of the major reasons why you should get rid of the old and welcome the new. Content marketing is the way forward and if you are a marketer, you will know why you need to stay contemporary.