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Skype Marketing

Internet phone company Skype once launched a global campaign that saw the Nomad writer travelling around the world using digital media for 33 consecutive days. This is how serious this application is. Skype might not be the first tool that digital marketers will use but if you are able to harness its power, it will work wonders for your campaign.

Skype today

It all started with a simple idea of providing internet calls back in 2003. Today, it has surpassed more than 74 million users across the world. What Skype gives to user include video chat and voice calls. Devices that are available are:

  1. desktop and laptop computers
  2. tablets
  3. digital mobile devices
  4. smartwatches
  5. Xbox consoles
  6. and many more

Skype for Marketing

With such staggering statistics, it is no surprise that marketers across the world have adopted Skype for their campaigns on top of the current social media and digital platforms like Facebook and YouTube.
However, using Skype for marketing might be a different challenge as it entails a different game plan and strategy altogether. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, it is not about what you say but how you say it when Skype is involved. Among the tricks and tips that you can implement are as follow:

Adopt Skype in emails

This is usually done using post script lines in your emails. When you include that in your email marketing material, your recipient can now add you on Skype. It is an easy to adopt move because your recipients now can find you in Skype easily.

Manipulate Skype Chat groups

If WhatsApp can do it, so can Skype. Get the consent from your users and then have a group where your audience can reach you on Skype whenever they are looking for any answers

Build Trust through Skype

This is more so crucial if you are selling a premium product. In order for anyone to buy from you (especially high end products), they need to trust you. You user Skype to build trust by enhancing your relationship with the potential customers

Updates and more updates

If you want your customers to be engaged in your Skype chat group, always update the topic in the room. This helps to drive more conversations and it will draw more people who might be interested in your product.

Redirect to other platforms

It is good if you can keep the conversation within Skype. But there might be other platforms that might be useful if you are going to maintain the relationship. Redirect them to your blog, your social network or your website. When your clients see that you have an integrated network of platforms, they will trust you more!

Go Video

There is no denying the power of video. With Skype, you must harness the power of video chats. When you chat with your clients on video, you get to gauge their reactions immediately which could potentially lead to conversion of sales.

Use testimonials

Your Skype Chat group is very powerful. Whenever possible, use your clients’ testimonials on a regular basis which will then give others insights into what you have to offer as well as any benefits of buying from you.

Educate and reach your customers

It is very easy to educate your customers through Skype. Email is your best tool if you aim to reach those who are in your low conversion group. When you have these clients in your Skype group, you can always flourish them with information about your products, promotions and such.
On the other hand, you can always send them documents and files which might be of interest to them.

Tell them about you

Skype allows you to be as transparent as possible. Your first impression counts volumes here. What you need to do is to put in a professional image of you or your company and they should be interested already.

Get believers

This is a good strategy. When you have a Skype group, appoint several people (usually 5-6) who are your ‘believers’. Meet up with them (virtually on Skype) on a regular basis and they will be your eyes and mouths in the group. Get them to participate in your conversation so that it can drive the low-conversion group members.

Images, Visuals

When you are chatting with your clients in Skype, use as many images as you can. Do not worry about using as many as you can because it is always through images that your customers can easily remember you.

Interact with your customers

Ultimately, Skype is all about interaction. Always engage your customers in frequent question and answer sessions. Make it a common practice to have them talk to you and provide any form of incentives like discounts or free gifts for engaging in these sessions.