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Successful Viral Marketing

Any modern marketer will surely be aware of the term viral marketing by now. After all, it has been deemed as one of the most powerful methods in this sector. Viral marketing is seen as one of the main game-changers in marketing across the world if it hasn’t already done so

How big is Viral Marketing?

One thing for sure, viral marketing is all about the consumer. It is fully dependent on the consumer to ‘spread the word’. This simply means that you have most of your advertising and promotion cut out and done for you. And how cool is that for any marketer? In being cool, it is effective. That is just how big this method is.

How does Viral Marketing works?

To understand viral marketing, you need to know where it got the word from. As Viral suggest, its like a virus that occurs biologically. It spreads! And that is all it does! Like a virus, when it spreads, the host no longer has control over it. It gets around very quickly and rapidly.
The question is, can you be the one that start the spread? Can you create the ‘virus’? In a resounding YES, you just need the right advise and the right skills.

How to start with your viral marketing campaign?

There are many successful cases and companies that have used viral marketing and produced compelling results. To start, you should think about the following:

  1. The Message – Your message need a lot of thinking. You need to remember that once your message goes out, you no longer can control how it spreads. But with a carefully crafted message, you might be able to control how people might react. After all, your message is going to be an ‘invitation’ to your consumers to want to engage.
  2. Invitation – in using the invitation method, you change the way conventional marketing has been. In the past, it has all been about disruption and interruption. Now it is all about invitation. One of the biggest challenges in marketing is to be able to get the consumer to get up and take action. If your viral message is compelling, you might well just do that!
  3. Social Media – With an effective message, now you need to find the platform. If it is a video you created, then YouTube would most likely be your first choice. However, you could consider other options and craft a campaign which works on certain platforms. You might be using Reddit or Digg or Twitter and not the usual Facebook-Instagram methods. Strategize, then move into the social networks
  4. Content – perhaps the most effective way to reach your target audience today is to have the right content. What good is a compelling message if you do not have the appropriate content to go with it? A viral marketing campaign need not necessarily must involve a YouTube video each time. Think of other media like a podcast or an EDM or a simple image.
  5. Not just social media – Although social networks are the most common platforms you can use in viral marketing, there are always many other channels available. You could consider using bloggers, ambassadors and something known as social customers

Quick tips for viral marketing

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a newbie trying out a contemporary method, viral marketing is a bandwagon you cannot afford to miss. If you are planning to try this, consider the following tips:

  1. Know your goals – From the start, before ideation, you need to know what you want to get out of this. Are you looking for leads or are you wanting your customers to go out and buy your product? The goal must first be set and the target must be there.
  2. Give benefits – If your readers are going to share your message, give them some form of benefit. They like what they read, but they might not be too keen to share them. Uber and Grab loves to do this. By offering free rides to their customers who share the same promotion with their contacts.
  3. Engage, engage, engage – like any contemporary marketing technique today, it is all about engaging your target audience. At the end of the day, you want your audience to stay with you and to align with what you are offering
  4. Keep the creative juice coming – this is easier said than done but you need to continuously generate new ideas if you want your audience to stay with your campaign.
  5. Get perspective – You might not get it right the first time. Sometimes, the results you expect might not be immediate and not what you are looking for. This is where you need to gain perspective. Even if you are a seasoned marketer, you might not have seen it all to know what works and what does not. Get a plan, start with one and then stick by it. If you fail the first time, get someone with a different perspective so that you can try again.

So there, viral marketing and its true essence of how it works. Good luck and happy viralling..