Tamil Nesan


The Tamil Nesan is one of the three Tamil language daily newspaper in Malaysia. It was founded in 1924 by Mr Narasimma Aiyangar. Then, the publication had several editions.

Oldest Tamil daily

Basically, Tamil Nesan is the oldest Tamil newspaper in the country and has one of the strongest following among readers of this community. Over the years since it was established, Tamil Nesan has underwent many major changes.

Linked to MIC

One of the major factors about Tamil Nesan is that it is strongly linked with the MIC political party, which is the largest Indian-based component of Barisan Nasional, the ruling government of Malaysia. Datin Seri Indrani Samy Vellu, the wife of the former MIC president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu became a major shareholder in Tamil Nesan in 1980. This has been seen as a direct affiliation with MIC, which is very common among mainstream media in Malaysia.

Facts of Tamil Nesan

The newspaper publishes in a broadsheet layout format and has a circulation of 45,000 on weekdays and 95,000 on weekends. It is printed and published from its Batu Caves headquarters which is then circulated to the entire country. Unknown to many, Tamil Nesan is distributed not only within Malaysia but is circulated towards other countries like Singapore while making its way to India as well.

Generally, the daily newspaper is made up of 16 pages of news from the local and international front while on Sundays, the Sunday Tamil Nesan comes with a 28 page issue including a supplement for special issues and topics.

Apart from the latest news, it also has sections that include sports, arts, politics, entertainment, culture and such. As compared to the other 2 Tamil newspapers, Tamil Nesan has been criticized for being political biased as it is owned by MIC.

At times, its news reporting has been skewed towards certain political agenda.

Previously, it was even linked with being the direct mouthpiece for Datuk Samy Vellu himself. Since his retirement from politics, Tamil Nesan continues to publish news and current affairs and has been more closely linked with the party itself.


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