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The Attraction of Out-of-Home Media

Advertising is a tricky business if you are in one because it is so versatile. Such versatility will drive you crazy if you are to consider every single media to use in delivering the best and most impactful campaigns for your clients.

Most common advertising media in Malaysia

The most common media where advertising is concerned will surely be in television, radio and print but if you take this out of the equation, then you are left with the ‘other media’ which is known as ‘out-of-home’ media or more fondly known as OOH.

What is Out-of-home media?

OOH means all types of media outside the home that communicates to a certain audience in terms of advertising. Such a term will encompass a wide variety of styles, methods and places where advertising is present.

OOH media is mostly found in public spaces. This could be along the roads, on public transportations and even in toilet cubicles. Once upon a time, when the term outdoor media was used, it was meant to refer only to posters, bulletin boards and such.

Today however, creativity and innovation has brought about a lot of changes in this area where advertisers have already ventured into the most exciting and not-thought-about places to place their ads for better visibility and communication.

Advertising agencies going into OOH

Such is the situation where advertising agencies and media owners are racing to offer the best and most effective ways of advertising to their clients. What they are looking for are simple, which are:

  • Impact
  • Effectiveness
  • Reaching of target market

Impact of OOH Media

OOH offers a very unique attraction where it can create an impact for the advertisers because they are simply different. Imagine a group of friends who drinks teh tarik at a mamak stall. An ad is placed on the table-top. They will easily spend at least 2 hours at this location which means that the ad has 2 hours to communicate a certain message to them. This potential is good because the ad can include images, text and even a story.

When entering a toilet cubicle, the person has nothing much to do but to sit there and look forward. An ad which is placed behind the door would bring an attention span of about 5 to 10 minutes, much longer than many other media can bring today. Now, that is IMPACT!

How effective is OOH?

When an ad delivers impact to the client, it will drive effectiveness because only by adopting the right message would the ad be related to the viewer. Ads for food and restaurant would not be suitable for use in a toilet but that which delivers a message about saving water, caring for the environment would.

OOH delivers to your target market

The third and perhaps most important element about OOH is that it can reach a specific target market which other media could not. When using OOH, the target market is very important as that is where the advertiser would be able to reach them effectively.

Ads on buses and trains are purely meant to communicate to the commuters. This could be a drink for dehydration, a vacation destination and even credit cards and shopping malls.

Apart from its cost-effectiveness, OOH possesses unparalleled frequency while making the impact on the target market much better than any other channels available currently. Unlike the conventional media which is alike throwing a large net into the sea and capturing whatever that comes around, OOH offers advertisers an option to actually capture only who they want and tell them exactly what they want to know.

This is one area that no other media in the history of advertising could do which makes OOH a lot more attractive.