The Mines 2 Wallscape Advertising


Give your product ads the highest visibility with the unique and outstanding Wallscape at The Mines 2 building. This billboard can provide high impact and high ad impressions as it is elevated above ground level and can be seen from oncoming vehicles.

Strategic and Visible

Having your ad on a Wallscape has various benefits. This media gives your ad more mileage than many others around the vicinity. Features of our Wallscape include:

  • Stand out: Unlike conventional billboards, it attracts attention within a large radius because it is part of a tall building here.
  • Visible: If you are looking for a media that can be seen from far and near, this is your best option.
  • Economical:  At only RM95,000 per year, it is one of the most cost-effective media for advertising.

Targeting the traffic flow

Each day, the traffic flow from here is very heavy. As such, you get an average of 3 minutes for every vehicle that passes through. The times of the day with slow traffic are:

  • Mornings: Starts as early as 6.30am and goes on until 10.00am on weekdays.
  • Evenings: From 3.30pm to 8.30pm.

A large pool of target audience

Your biggest target audience are working adults who travel to and from work daily. This occurs on weekdays. Meanwhile, there is large group of families who travel into The Mines Shopping Centre for entertainment and leisure.The locations that are targeting are those coming in from other parts of the Klang Valley, most notably those from Serdang and Sri Kembangan heading to Balakong, Cheras and Sungai Long which is on the other side of the highway.


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