Tips for first time radio advertisers

 Radio is one of the most affordable traditional advertising media for small companies. Big corporations seldom go for radio advertising due to its limitation such as restrictions on sound, however, some argued that radio advertising offers an opportunity for unbounded imagination.
Thus, to attract the masses, radio commercial has to be unique and imaginative. In short, radio can be an effective medium depending on the concept developed by the advertisers. Here are some useful tips for first time radio advertisers.

Tip 1: Include elements that can draw the listeners in
Most of the commercials on radio last for 30 seconds only. Radio is regarded as a personal medium. Most of the listeners are multitasking while listening to a station. Thus, first time radio advertisers need to create a commercial that can draw listeners in.
Advertisers need to ensure that listeners can fit in to the specific concept portrayed. Thus, it is extremely important for advertisers to think from listeners’ perspective.

Tip 2: Simplicity is the best
Since the commercial lasts for 30 seconds only, make sure that there is only one core message in it. The biggest mistake an advertiser often commit is to cram all the information within the 30-second spot.
Remember, one core message is enough for a commercial. Advertisers may include the call number to encourage the listeners to take action.

Tip 3: Best approach is to make it sound ‘real’
As radio has limitation such as restrictions on sound, the commercial need to emphasize on other stronger elements. Radio commercials need to sound real by using real people speaking to the listeners.
Radio commercials with unrealistic concept often fail to attract listeners. Words used in a commercial must be derived from everyday conversation. Do not use bombastic language. Also, do not worry if the words are not grammatically correct, because as long as it sound real, that’s all that matters.

Tip 4: Use humour
Do not include a joke on a commercial as it will damage it and also chase the listeners away. However, advertisers may use amusing situation to entertain the listeners. Bear in mind that a bad joke will damage your brand.

Tip 5: Create ‘visual’ or picture
Yes, it is true that radio commercials cannot create real visuals as seen on television. But, the radio can create ‘visual’ in a different manner. Commercials may include sound effect and great voiceovers to provide a picture as real as television.

Tip 6: Adopt a different tone
Radio commercials are difficult to target specific audience. Thus, most of the commercials are usually aired on certain radio stations only due to categorization of listeners. Say for example, advertisers want their commercial on air in a young and hip station. That does not necessarily mean that they have to use the latest song as background music. Instead, choose a different genre of music to stand out from the rest of the commercials.

Tip 7: Celebrity as spokesperson
Advertisers can always use a well-known celebrity that is relevant to your brand or product. However, bear in mind that it might not work as a research shows that celebrity voices aren’t recognizable at times.

Tip 8: Create numerous radio commercials
Since radio is one of the most affordable advertising media, advertisers ought to produce more than one commercial to represent their brand or product. This is because repetition of the same commercial annoys listeners the most.
Thus, by having more than one commercial, advertisers can rotate it often on the station. It helps to keep the listeners engaged and entertained.

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