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Top traits of Telemarketers

Telemarketing is only good if your telemarketers know what to do with their resources. Besides that, they have to acquire certain skills that will come in handy.

Success depends on your telemarketers

Typically, there are certain attributes that make a good telemarketer. We list down some of the major ones.

Good attributes of telemarketers

Ensure that your telemarketers have the following:

  1. Manners – No matter what happens, the telemarketer must have extremely good manners. All the standard greetings applies. However, you need to continuously be at your best behaviour no matter how rude the potential customer is and no matter how many times you get turned down
  2. Confident voice – For every telemarketer, the first impression plays a crucial role. After all, the only thing they have to bridge them with the customer. What we want is a telemarketer who sounds confident when the customer picks up the call. Seriously, anyone would know if you are reading from a script. Hence, your telemarketer must have an energetic and pleasant voice when they make a call.
  3. Adaptable – This takes practice for sure. In most cases, telemarketers have a script to work with but having this as a guide would help. In other cases, the telemarketer must be able to listen and adapt. For the telemarketer to respond and adapt, it must be done without sounding too condescending. This means that the customer must be able to tell that the telemarketer is not responding by reading a script.
  4. Follow up – This makes a whole world of difference in closing the deal. The trick is to be persistent and we do not mean shoving everything down the customer’s throats. Your telemarketer should be ‘following up’ and not trying to force. The idea is to educate the customer of the value they are bringing to the table and not forcing them to believe that your service of product is the best they can ever have.
  5. Not giving up – Like it or not and no matter what anyone says, telemarketing is one of the toughest jobs anyone can do. Just try doing this for 1 day and you know just how difficult this can be. After being turned down numerous times, you will surely have the tendency to give up. Having the discipline to press on and to continue searching for new avenues and customers will give them the edge they need. Giving up is easy, so your telemarketers need to be constantly motivated