Twitter Analytics

Make Good Use Of The Stats For Your Tweets!

Twitter Analytics can be a great tool for your business. Anyone can access their Twitter Analytics dashboard at where they will be presented with a summary of the last 28 days. The percentages shown here can paint a picture of how well your tweets have been doing. If you think that’s all there is to Twitter Analytics, you couldn’t be any more wrong – read on to find out what else is there!

A Densely-Packed Monthly Twitter Analytics Report

The second section of Twitter Analytics reveals all kinds of information on your tweets and following. The layout is pretty neat as it comes across as a magazine but on surface level, this doesn’t reveal much vital information on your tweets. To get to the nitty gritty details, tap on the “View …” link right below every section.

Discover Your Tweet Activity and What Works

By clicking on “View all Tweet activity” on Twitter Analytics, you will be presented with a nice overview per period where you can see the number of tweets per day along with their impressions. This will be in the form of a graph and below that you’ll be able to see additional details such as your most engaging tweet.

Building Your Audience To Grow Your Brand

As a brand, one of your goals would definitely involve building your audience. Use the “Tweets & replies” tab to see an overview of what happens in terms of replies and favourites to help you achieve that goal.

What Is Audience Insights All About?

Audience Insights is your pathway to understanding your followers. This is where you can see their basic demographics, lifestyle, consumer behaviour, mobile footprint along with some other details. You can reap these information to better target your tweets and, simultaneously, boost your business.

Digging into Card Analytics

Twitter gives us a nice insight on how your cards are faring. This is where you can see a trend graph to show you how much Twitter Cards affected impression and clicks. If you didn’t already know, Twitter Cards actually make all the difference. Many research have proven that there is a whole lot more engagement on post that have illustrations compared to those that don’t.

What’s Good and What’s Not

Twitter Analytics also reveals what type of card is working well for increasing clicks and it compares “everyone’s cards” to “your cards.” For most people, the Player Card seems to be the one that’s working the best.

The More You Know, The Better

That’s not all – Twitter Analytics gives you an overview of the links that performed best. Aside that, there is also an influencers overview where you can find out which accounts are already playing a part in your traffic to your website and begin a conversation with them.

Good Things Should Be Repeated

Twitter Analytics can show you which of your tweets have been performing above average and you can use this as a guide to which tweets should you retweet. Since it’s already been a popular tweet, you will be able to drive more clicks.

Don’t Waste What You Have

There is no additional work to get your Twitter Analytics – it’s just there. So, it’s best to not let it go to waste; one thing that you should be doing is to check these stats regularly and monitoring the changes as well as adapting your online behaviour according to it. You can also get a good idea of what tweets are performing best and if you are close to reaching your target audience. Start using Twitter Analytics and prepare to reap the benefits!

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