User Experience and Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, user experience plays a crucial role because it determines if your user stays on your platform.

What constitutes user experience?

It is no secret that the key to keeping your users interested is by keeping them at your site. User experience or UX is providing a meaningful experience for your customers by knowing and understanding what they need.

Is it the same as user interaction?

They are two sides of the coin but the conventional interface design for information systems might not work today. The way users are connecting with systems today is considerably different from how they were 10 or 20 years ago.

Knowing your customers’ needs

In digital marketing, the key to good customer service is to deliver instant results to your users. To know this, you need to understand what they are mostly looking for. Among the top interaction activities include:

  • Searching for information.
  • Online shopping.
  • Electronic banking and finance.
  • Social media.
  • Travel and tourism services eg: flight and hotel booking.
  • and many more.

What should you emphasize?

In UX, you need to integrate various principles. This most notably includes visuals and aesthetics. However, you must take also take into consideration your data architecture, contents and maneuverability. These principles cannot be taken lightly because:

  • About 80% of users will find other pages if they find your page unreliable.
  • More than 95% of mobile users find that websites are not mobile-friendly and they will find information elsewhere.
  • About 95% of online shoppers state good user experience as their main reason to buy at a site.
  • More than 60% of users find information using different types of devices and not just smartphones.

How crucial is UX in digital marketing?

The biggest mistake any digital marketer will make is assuming that UX is all about promotion. The truth is, UX is part of your product. What you want to achieve in designing here is to optimize your user experience.

  • Digital Marketing – Trying to drive customers to want your product or service.
  • UX – Trying to make products and services that your users want.

That’s how they both correlates.

Getting down to UX

One thing for sure, UX and Usability is not the same thing. In digital marketing, there are a few issues in UX that must be addressed if you want a successful campaign.

  • The balance between sales and experience – Your site must not only be about conversion. You need to balance between selling and your user’s experience.
  • Aesthetics – Your look and feel will be crucial. Always take note of loading speed and keeping it close to your brand image.
  • Content – This is a very crucial issue. Your content must be relevant, current, and reliable. On top of it all, it should be engaging enough so your users stay there.
  • Focus – At the end of it all, your UX must focus on your users. They are the ones that will drive the success of your campaign.
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