What are most Malaysians doing online?

It has been reported that more than 50% of the total Malaysian population are connected to the internet today. This situation is highly unique where it puts Malaysia as the fastest growing and most connected nation among others in the region.

A situation like this possesses a lot of new opportunities and interesting options for advertisers and marketers where they can derive more innovative campaigns which can be run on the internet. However, the challenge for such agencies is to identify which is the best way to reach its target audience.

Time and content

One of the most important elements of internet advertising is that time is immaterial. This however cannot discount the fact that advertisers must find the best day to post their ads although viewers are accessing the internet throughout the day.

On the other hand, it is highly important too that advertisers design and post the most relevant content which is rich and impactful so that it would affect the target audience. Compared to other media like television and radio, internet advertising provides a unique platform where advertisers are not limited to a specific time-slot. The more pressing issue is the location and who they are reaching out to.

Knowing what your target audience do online

Hence, the crucial issue in knowing what your target audience do online most of the time becomes a significant factor before a campaign is planned. In Malaysia, internet users can be categorized into 3 age groups which are 15 to 34 years old, 35 to 49 years old and those above 50 years of age.

Between the 3 groups, 76% of those in the 15-34 age groups used the internet for email while only 6% of those above 50 years old check their mails. Listening to music is most popular among the youngest category while more than 80% of this group use the internet for movies, play games and for social networking purposes.

As expected, for those above 50 years old do not use the internet as much as the younger group in which only 3% of them listen to music online, 1% play games and 4% for social networking. Meanwhile, the middle age group (35- 49) fared better than their older counterparts. 18% of them check their mails online, 9% to play games and only 15% of them on social media.

Between the communities

As Malaysia is made up of a multi-cultural landscape, it is important to know which community uses the internet most. In this context, the Chinese community has the highest ratio in terms of internet usage in which 44.1% of them are connected online. The Malay community has 34.6% connected while for Indians and other races, only 25.3% of them use the internet.

In light of this, advertisers can now look at the internet as a media in which they can leverage on who the users are and what they do when they are online. It can be noted here that social media plays and important part of Malaysians from all walks of life while email marketing, although they are strong and reaches a large target group might not be the best option as many regard advertisements as spam mail.

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