What are the Adex trends for the major media in Malaysia?

In the past few years, Adex (advertising expenditure) trends in Malaysia have changed tremendously. From the traditional media like television and newspaper to the more modern ones like internet and mobile advertising, there have been a lot of shifts in where advertisers are spending their money on.

Television and radio

Despite the rising popularity of new media like digital advertising, television and radio still commands a large portion of Adex in the past few years. To say the least, television is perhaps one of the healthiest growing media in recent years. This can be seen in the steady growth of Adex in television where in 1997, the total billing was at RM780 million which has continued to grow until 2011 where the billing was at RM3.01 billion.

Meanwhile, radio media has grown exponentially where 2005 saw a total expenditure of RM179million. This has since more than doubled to RM427 million in 2011.

Print media

Newspapers and magazines are perhaps the most challenging media to compete with the likes of online news and resources. However, Adex for print media has been growing where newspaper enjoyed RM4.3billion in 2011 growing from RM2.7 billion in 2006. In this context, magazines have experience a ‘comeback’ of some sort in terms of Adex. Between 2009 and 2011, Adex for magazines have been on a healthy rate of an average of around RM250million. Prior to that, the Adex was RM100million less.

Cinema and retail media

It is an interesting scenario for cinema advertising where despite the resurgent preference to watch movies in cinemas, advertising has dropped. Cinema advertising enjoyed its peak between 2007 and 2008 when the Adex was around RM27million but this has diminished where in 2011, it was only at RM9.6million.

Retail media on the other hand grew in popularity where 2011 saw the Adex at RM140million, growing from RM39million in 2005.

Out-of-home media and internet

New media channels and advertising choices mean that agencies and marketers have more choices which have made their work more challenging than before. Internet media is perhaps one of the fastest growing media since television.

In Malaysia, there has been a drop in Adex in internet advertising in 2011. In 2008, the Adex was at RM33million which grew to RM40million a year later. In 2010, Adex grew to RM52million but in 2011, Adex plunged to only RM31million. This is however, not seen as an alarming situation as the internet as a media is expected to grow and improve in the next few years.

Out-of-house or OOH Media is another innovative channel where advertisers today use different types and ways to advertise and reach their customers. This could be in terms of taxis, buses, table-tops and at the back of receipts. In 2003, the Adex for OOH is at RM61million where this has continued to grow and maintained at a certain level in the next few years. In 2008, OOH media experienced a minor drop in Adex at RM95million where it then gew and maintained around RM115million for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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