What is HubSpot and how to use it for your business?


Connecting your customers online could be a real challenge without the right tools especially when you are planning to scale your business.
The most common platforms or tools that businesses are moving on today are CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and HubSpot is one of the common names that would come up.

HubSpot a Powerful Tool for Conversion

Simply put, HubSpot is an all-in-one application that gives your business the platform to manage your online business covering services, sales & marketing, operations, content management and others.

HubSpot is a great tool that can accelerate the scaling process in your business being an inbound sales and marketing software.

It is designed to help your business connect and attract more customers, driving visitors to your sites while keeping them there and eventually closing the deals.

HubSpot is cloud-based which means the data are all managed online while they are synced across all parties. In other words, any updating of data will be automatically done and instantaneous.

Letting HubSpot work for your business

What makes HubSpot such an effective tool is that the software integrates the entire deal closing process starting from the point of contact to conversion.

When you send an email to your potential customers or when they read a social media post from you, the data is captured by Hubspot and then the next course of action is executed.

As mentioned, since the data is cloud-based, it is easier to organize and everyone in your business accesses the same data in one location, allowing better consistency and accuracy.

How to use HubSpot for your business?

As CRM software, it comes with a wide range of functions and tools that can benefit your sales process.

HubSpot comes with 5 core areas, all of which provide a set of tools for every purpose covering the likes of marketing, operations, content management, sales and for support.

Being a unified system means the data collected at every junction will be updated instantly. In other words, if a customer comes to the landing page and keys in an email address, your sales team would be notified and a call-to-action via email or WhatsApp Business can be triggered!Among the capabilities of HubSpot include:

  • Communication – This allows you to chat with your customers and sync with common communication software like Outlook and Gmail.
  • User information – Allowing you to keep a database of your customers and keep track of their purchases (and other interactions)
  • Activities – HubSpot allows you to track all the activities and communications with every customer
  • Pipeline – An important feature to let you manage all your contacts in their purchasing progress and how close (or far) they are from a final purchase transaction.
  • Marketing Hub – This is an important feature of HubSpot where you can manage marketing campaigns to track customers (both current and potential) where you can create content, awareness and activities that provide better visibility of your business.


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