Which advertising media are the most trusted in Malaysia?

Where consumers are concerned, the advertisements that they view play important roles because they will determine if they will be driven to buy the products or have more confidence in the brand. There are many media available in the market today. The integration of conventional mass media like television and radio with newer media like SMS and mobile advertising has created a highly challenging environment for all marketers and advertising agencies.

By knowing which type of media is the most trusted, this could be used as the platform for advertisers to place their ads and to focus on so that they could garner better confidence among its customers and target market.

Display ads most trusted

Among all the media available, the highest number came from display ads which could be videos or banners that are deployed on mobile devices like smartphones and table devices. Where this is concerned, SMS ads that are being sent out to a specific target group are seen as one of the most trusted ones. This is the same with ads that are placed on social networks like Facebook as well.

A lot of consumers today are not too receptive of recommendations from people they know while about 9% of them rely on consumer opinions which are being posted on the internet. This scenario however is fast growing in popularity as more and more consumers are reading other comments before purchasing a product or service.

Branded websites constitute 12% of those who trust their advertising while the same figure are garnered from editorial content like those found on newspapers. Television advertisements are continuously growing in popularity where 17% of the respondents are said to trust them. The same figure is accorded to newspaper advertisements while radio ads have the confidence of 16% of the respondents.

Emails and direct marketing 

One of the most interesting findings of the survey is that 21% of the respondents are receptive and trust the ads through the emails they sign up for while 17% of them believe in the ads they read on magazines.

As a growing trend in the market today, search engine results have become quite the de facto standard for viewers. Hence, advertisements placed and served in the search engine results are very popular and very much trusted where 20% respondents have answered positively. On top of that, 18% of the respondents are confident of product placements on television programs.

Through knowing where the trust factor is within the viewers, marketers today will be able to target better. Apart from placing ads that are honest and genuine, they have to ensure that they place the ads in the appropriate media because that is where the viewers will decide if a brand, product or service is what they are looking for.

If they trust that what they view is the right product or service, then that is enough motivation and drive to bring them out to purchase. It is then the responsibility of the advertiser to place the genuine messages and the viewer who trust that they will be buying what they are looking for.

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