Which media are most Malaysians spending their time on?


One of the biggest challenges that every marketer has to face is to use the most suitable media for their advertisements. This possesses a greater challenge for advertising agencies as they cannot afford to apply the wrong strategy for their clients.

Furthermore, with so many different media available with different segments, all catering to a different target group, it becomes a lot more difficult for the agencies to pin-point to which is most suitable.

The advertising industry is a very fast-moving sector where a small mistake could cause major damage to a brand or product. It is no longer about who has the money but who is able to spend their money wisely.

Malaysians spend a lot of time in the various media in the market. Hence, it is very important information for marketers to know where most of the Malaysians spend their time on in order to strategize as to which media is most suitable to advertise their brands.

By knowing where Malaysians spend most of their time on, advertisers will be able to gauge where to advertise and where to focus on their expenditure.

From there, they will be able to determine which segment is most appropriate while ensuring that each marketing dollar is well spent and accounted for.

Among all the media available in Malaysia, the conventional ones like television and radio are still the most popular ones. Television has a base of 15.5 million owners. In this context, 62% of them are Malays while the Chinese makes up 28% and the rest are Indians and other races.

The newer television technology like LCDs and Plasma TVs are fast growing with a base of 3.7million owners.

Meanwhile, there are 10.3million radio owners in Malaysia and 0.6million HD and LED television owners.

Such a statistic means that the number of people tuning into television and listening to radio are still very high and in the millions. This offers a unique and a lot of opportunities for advertisers to place their ads in the mass media.

Digital media moving forward and fast

New media is one of the fastest growing segments within the advertising industry. To date, there are 0.8million video game console owners while there are 4.1million personal computer owners and 11.4million laptop owners respectively.

5.9million owners have internet connections while the base for broadband connection owners totalled at 5.7million.

This scenario means that the future of digital advertising through internet and computers are growing rapidly. With millions of Malaysians owning computers and have internet connections, it is only natural that advertisers are moving fast into digital advertising.

Presently, the largest group of people who uses these media are those between the 25 and 39 years of age category.

The younger generation who are aged between 15 and 24 years old are the second largest. This is now happening at a time when computer literacy is at its peak which means that they are more exposed and accustomed to technology.


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