Which media is best used for what type of content?

For marketers and advertisers alike, the constant challenge is to choose the best media for a specific content. This is one area which can be very difficult to pinpoint and work on unless the agency is very good at what they do and knows each media inside out. Such a situation might be very difficult to achieve especially with so many different types of media and so many new ones coming out all the time.

This article aims to provide an insight into which type of conventional media is best used for different uses and content.

Culture and traditions 

If you are planning to advertise about tradition and culture, which is a very common area in Malaysia like festivals, the best value would be on television as it is the time when families are congregating to watch programmes and special events. Magazines and outdoor advertising might not be the most appropriate.


Beauty products and brands would most commonly advertise in magazines. This is attributed by the many beauty and female magazine titles (both local and international) available in the country. Apart from that, such brands that are targeted to men like Nivea and such would usually advertise in men-related magazines like FHM and August.


Information which is channelled usually from government to the people would usually adopt newspapers as there are more space to give explanations and such. Apart from that, magazine is used although they are not as common as newspapers.

Events and celebrations 

Where this is concerned, events and celebrations would be best communicated to the people and target market through television while radio is another common media. Billboards and magazines are not the best media to use for this purpose.

Prestige brands

When a brand is positioning itself as a prestigious one, the best media to use would be the magazines, followed by newspapers and television. Billboards are not the best media to use as they are location dependent and would best be deployed in the more upscale residential areas like Sri Hartamas and Bukit Kiara.

Price war

In recent years, price war among competing brands like hypermarkets has been a common practice. This is where players like Tesco and Giant are competing and communicating special offers and price change to its products to the mass market. Such ads are commonly seen in newspapers where they usually have a special rate for full page ads as it happens very frequently.

Location-based services

This is one area where billboards would play an important role for advertising mainly because it involves services that are provided only to a specific location group like pest control, supermarkets and others places.

Entertainment services

Clubs and entertainment services like movies and new album launches would most appropriately leverage on media like billboard and television. This is mainly because the advertisers would want a media with very good visuals that are ‘loud’ and impactful.

Sex appeal

Media best used to promote sex appeal would be magazines followed by television. Meanwhile, billboards, radio and newspapers are the less effective ones for brands or advertisers who are looking to position themselves in this context.

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