Why is it critical to use POWER words in Copywriting?

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Words are very powerful tools if you know when and how to use them. In advertising, words are possibly your only ammunition as you communicate to your target audience when it comes to copywriting. While visuals can play a vital role, the words you use will ensure you strike the message home.

Invoke the right emotions

With the right words, you can invoke the right emotions among those who view your ads. You can solicit the right kind of response and emotions if you say the right things. What you put in your ads will have a positive brand message and you need to be as persuasive as you can get. This is where you use what is known as POWER WORDS.

How and when to use power words?

English Language is the most used language in the world. It has countless possibilities in terms of sentence structure and grammar. Some words are more useful than others. To say POWER, it can be positive or negative. This means that using the right words will drive the right message and could have a 100% influence on the viewer. On the flip side, using the wrong words could spell the end of your brand or product.

Pattern association

What makes POWER WORDS so good is that it can help your brand to match to a certain something. The human brain is trained to identify the language. This occurs a lot when you seem to know the next word before it is being read out or displayed. It is in recognizing these familiar patterns that POWER WORDS become so influential.

Some examples of POWER WORDS used

There really is no need to use big English words in copywriting although some of those words have special implications.
Never underestimate the power of the simplest words
In copywriting, the word ‘you’ or your name is actually one of the most powerful ones. The brain is actually specifically tuned to recognize and associate with ‘you’ or the person’s name. This will cause the person to light up and take notice. That is the very reason why promotional emails are always ‘personalized’ and address to the name of the recipient (although this process is automated in most cases). Simple words with powerful influences include:

  • FREE – The word ‘FREE’ is another simple word that is extremely potent. Everyone loves free stuff. This word, when used in an ad will have the reader dropping everything else and reading on. They will want to know what is the catch for the ‘FREE’. What do they have to do or can they not do anything at all? One thing for sure, your customer will by now know that there is ‘no free lunch’ but they are ready to go the extra mile if they want what you have to offer.
  • Another really good example is commonly used in phrases like ‘guilt-free’ and ‘fat-free’ both of which are very popular and extremely persuasive.
  • NEW – This is perhaps the most positive word which is simple and persuasive at the same time. Your brand is tuned to associate the word with shiny, bright objects. What comes after the word ‘NEW’; that’s the copywriter’s creativity
  • NOW – if there is one simple word which is all about persuasion, its this word. Nothing triggers your brain to take action than when it sees the word ‘NOW’.

Contemporary used of POWER WORDS

There are hundreds of POWER WORDS in the English Language that you can use. In today’s marketing and advertising environment, using these words accurately is critical. People are reading social media and many places online which means you must choose the right words.

  • Twitter – Best to use words like ‘you’, ‘follow’ and ‘top’ and ‘new post’
  • Facebook – ‘Tell us NOW’, ‘Comment’
  • Blogs – ‘Smart’ and ‘Today’ are great words for headlines
  • Best Before is a phrase best used for promotions and banner ads.
  • Refreshing gives the impression of something new

Is it all that good?

In copywriting, there is no reason to use long sentences. They need to be concise, short and straight to the point but with a hint of creativity and fun. The POWER WORDS must be used according to their intentions and objective.

When your copy is short and clear, you know how your audience will react. You are literally flashing a smile to your reader while reading out your copy.
There will always be two sides to the coin. As much as POWER WORDS can play a positive role, it could have a negative effect if you use it wrongly.


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