Ad Space at Food Courts


Being a major food tourism destination, Malaysia has one of the busiest food courts across the region. This is often seen as a blessing for advertisers as it means a lot of viewing time for the audiences when it comes to advertising.

Media spaces in food courts

What makes food courts such an attractive location for advertising is the target audience. Food courts are mostly found in shopping malls which at the moment have been mushrooming in Malaysia in the last decade. Among the main traits of media spaces in food courts are:

  1. Duration
  2. occasion
  3. location

Profile of target audience

If you are planning to advertise in food courts, you are mostly targeting the urban segment as most of these locations are in shopping malls. The profile of your target audience will mostly:

  1. Spends about 30 to 45 minutes in the food court
  2. spends more time during occasions due to the crowded season

Here are some of the most common types of media spaces found in most food courts.

Tray Advertising

Your ads are placed on the face of the tray which will be used by almost every customer in the food court which operates on a self-service system.

Rate: Starts from RM6 per tray with a minimum order required.

Cashier Ads

The cashier counter is a location where every paying customer must visit as they will pay for their orders. Your ads will enjoy 1 to 3 minutes viewership to every paying customer depending on the occasion and the crowd.

Rate: Between RM180 to RM350 per unit per month.

Ads on Receipts

This media is extremely powerful if you have special promotions like discounts on second item or purchase-with-purchase (PWP) at the food court or nearby supermarket. Your ads will be printed at the back of the receipt, a media that every paying customer will obtain after payment.

Pillars Ads

This is perhaps one of the most popular OOH media space around and having your ad in the various pillars located around the food court would be very significant bearing in mind that customers spend at least 30 minutes around the premises. Pillar wraps can be used and comes in various sizes and shapes and you can be extremely creative with this media.

Rate: Around RM300 for every pillar weekly with a minimum quantity required.

Display Panels

In every food court, display panels are usually located at prominent locations and walls. These media spaces are specially catered for advertising and brand messaging. The locations are highly visible and high traffic with long duration of viewership. That is why they make great spots for your ads.

Rate: From RM100 for every panel depending on the size and shape of your ad.

Table Top Ads

This type of media is very popular in outdoor eateries like mamak shops and cafes. However, it is now being adopted indoor at food courts, particularly at hypermarkets like Tesco and AEON. As every dining customer spend an average of 25 to 40 minutes on every table, your ads will enjoy high viewership which can include textual ads as well.

Rate: Ranges from RM50 to RM75 on every table. Usually calculated based on cycles.

Advice for food court advertising

Table-tops are ideal for long messages but they tend to be covered by the tray or the eating utensils. Panels are usually high above the eye level so visuals are important. Receipts are good spots but they must be captivating. Trays can be effective but they tend to be covered by the plates and bowls.

Putting it all together

It is crucial to use these media spaces the way they are intended to. Food courts are typically spaces where people like to enjoy a meal and then go on with their shopping. They are not restaurants where they can enjoy a peaceful meal, taking their own time.

Food courts can be very noisy, crowded and with a lot of activities.

As such, your ads must stand out in terms of sound and visuals. There is no reason to put out an ad that requires a lot of attention because your viewers are not entirely very focused when looking at your ad.


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