Table Top Advertising

Rates for table top ads

Typically, using table top advertisements will involve frequency and number of tables. As a rule of thumb, you will be required to take up a minimum number of tables (usually 200 and above). Rates will be:

  1. Mamak stalls – From RM150 per table per month. With a minimum commitment of 200 tables for 6 months, that will translate to RM180,000 per month.
  2. Cafeterias – From RM160 per table per month. Using the same commitment rate, it would be RM198,000 for 6 months

Production cost will include printing of the sticker (material being pvc Teflon) which is very adhesive and does not leave marks after removal. What makes pvc Teflon the preferred media is because it is waterproof and scratch proof. This is crucial as putting the sticker on table top would surely incur spills and oily surfaces. Besides that, the print quality is very high with very clear images and text.
In most cases, production will include installation of the stickers on the table tops. This will be about RM40 if you print between 200 and 500 pieces. The rate will be lower when you print more for instance, RM35 for 500 to 1000 pieces and RM25 if you print above 2000 pieces.

Media Rate (based on a minimum commitment of 200 tables/state)

 Mamak Restaurant   Campus Cafeterias  
RM150 / table / month RM165 / table / month

B. Production Rate (pvc teflon), *inclusive installation

 200 – 500  501 – 1000  1001 – 2000  2001 pcs above
 RM40 RM35 RM30 RM25

Minimal Campaign: 200 x RM190(RM150+RM40) + 200 =

RM38000 + 6% GST

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