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Food Court table tops are one of the media used in advertising in places like hypermarkets and restaurants around Malaysia. This type of OOH (Out-of-Home) media is considered as one of the very effective methods as the food court in hypermarkets like Tesco, Jusco.Meanwhile, mamak stalls too are very popular eateries that welcome hundreds of customers each day. This makes advertising on the table tops would be very impactful as the customers would spend quite a long time at these spots.

Demographics for mamak and restaurant food court table tops

The largest target segment group for food court table tops would be housewives and families. This is because housewives form the biggest target market that frequent hypermarkets and supermarkets. Meanwhile, families too visit the food courts, particularly during the weekends.Apart from that, another group of target users of food court include the young adults and recently graduated group where they buy their own groceries and dine at the food courts.

Demographics for mamak stalls

Another target market will be youngsters or teenagers which spend a minimum of a few hours per week in mamak stalls. Hanging out at mamak stalls is one of the top favourite past times among youngsters across Malaysia.Among the common profile of this target segment includes:

  1. Age: from 16 to 35 years old. Those in the older age group is included although they make up a smaller portion of this profile
  2. Gender: 60% male and 40% female
  3. Location: Mostly in urban and sub-urban residential locations
  4. Time spent: At average 1 to 1.5 hours every visit

Cost and Frequency

Through hypermarkets like Tesco, the cost for food court table top advertising can be quite affordable where it starts around RM60 per unit for each cycle. The cycle here refers to a period that is set by the hypermarket which could range between 1 month and 3 months. Mamak stall table advertising costs about RM150 per table per month.On the other hand, production cost would surely vary as well. This is because it is determined fully by the design and the printing. Where this is concerned, designing the table top ad will require conceptualization and the layout while the advertiser would need to be aware of the actual size of the table to determine the final output of the ad size.

Facts about Table Top advertising

What makes table top advertising such an attractive option when it comes to OOH media is that this is very affordable and cost-effective. When you have an ad on the table top, you are free to inject any form of message whether it is mainly images or text because customers are bound to see and read what is on the table.With millions of customers across the country, your ad’s visibility will be limitless. Among the locations you can expect to have your ad posted include:

  1. Restaurants and eateries including mamak stalls and kopitiams
  2. Cafeterias in universities, colleges and other institute of higher learning
  3. Food courts in hypermarkets and supermarkets

Benefits of using table top ads

Malaysia is known to be a haven for food lovers. Besides attracting thousands of visitors and tourists who come here to enjoy the diverse choice of foods, local Malaysians are very much obsessed with the food as well. Among the prominent facts about table top advertising include:

  1. 70% of Malaysians regularly eat out. This is most common during weekends
  2. at average, they spend 10% of their time out at F & B outlets during meals
  3. F & B outlets are common places of meetings for families and friends and particularly for business meetings

This simply means that when your ad is seen at the F & B table tops, you get to enjoy the following:

  1. customers cannot ignore the ads because they are literally ‘at your face’
  2. the mindset of the customers is more relaxed as they are either enjoying a meal, company of friends or just hanging out

Translated, your ads get a prolonged singular exposure for your brand or product.

What to expect with Table top ads?

When you advertise on table tops, there are certain criteria and issues that need careful consideration which include:

  1. the timing and season of the year
  2. the area where the F & B outlet is located which will directly impact the audience
  3. the surrounding areas which will impact the message
  4. messaging: whether you are going for entertaining, informative or amusement

Frequency of mamak visits

This is one very important facet of table top advertising as research has shown that mamak stalls are among the most frequented places among all eateries. More than 50% of people who eat out visits mamak stalls more than once a week. Meanwhile, close to 20% of them go there at least once weekly. About 15% of them visit mamak stalls 4 times per week while another 15% hangs out at mamak stalls 1 to 2 times weekly.

Product Specifications

• 4-­‐process colour (CMYK), 55 dpi silk screen printing on maximum size of 20” x 20” (square) or 20” diameter (round)• Free style ads must not exceed maximum size of 20” x 20”. Arrangements can be made for special customised size and/or die cutting.• Space allocation of 2” x 1” for imprint of media owner’s logo and contact number• Reverse type should not be less than 14 points. Text reversed out of a 4-­‐ colour image area should be minimum 16 points• Coloured background areas must not consist of less than 30% screen• 3mm black border all around.• Advertiser to provide Finished Artwork (FA) on CD, or download links.

Rates for table top ads

Typically, using table top advertisements will involve frequency and number of tables. As a rule of thumb, you will be required to take up a minimum number of tables (usually 200 and above). Rates will be:

  1. Mamak stalls – From RM150 per table per month. With a minimum commitment of 200 tables for 6 months, that will translate to RM180,000 per month.
  2. Cafeterias – From RM160 per table per month. Using the same commitment rate, it would be RM198,000 for 6 months

Production cost will include printing of the sticker (material being pvc Teflon) which is very adhesive and does not leave marks after removal. What makes pvc Teflon the preferred media is because it is waterproof and scratch proof. This is crucial as putting the sticker on table top would surely incur spills and oily surfaces. Besides that, the print quality is very high with very clear images and text.In most cases, production will include installation of the stickers on the table tops. This will be about RM40 if you print between 200 and 500 pieces. The rate will be lower when you print more for instance, RM35 for 500 to 1000 pieces and RM25 if you print above 2000 pieces.

Media Rate (based on a minimum commitment of 200 tables/state)

Mamak Restaurant Campus Cafeterias
~RM150 / table / month ~RM165 / table / month

B. Production Rate, *inclusive installation

200 – 500 501 – 1000 1001 – 2000 2001 pcs above
~RM40 RM35 RM30 RM25

Minimal Campaign: 200 x RM190(RM150+RM40) + 200

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