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Format radio programmes have been very popular in recent years especially with the introduction of stations like Hitz.FM, Mix.FM, Lite FM and others which are offered by Astro Radio under the Measat group.

In fact, these stations have changed the landscape of media advertising and marketing as listeners are now more segmented, tuning in to these stations as they prefer to listen to a single format of entertainment as compared to listening to FTA (Free-To-Air) stations that provide all types of everything. Comparatively, format radio listeners are more focused in the urban areas like Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang.

Malaysian Format Radio Stations

There are in total 9 stations that are operated by Astro namely ERA FM, MY FM, hitz.fm, MIX FM, Lit FM, Sinar FM, Melody FM, THR Raaga and THR Gegar. Basically, media spots in these stations are calculated based on weekdays and weekends and is differentiated based on months.

ERA FM – This is the top Bahasa Malaysia radio stations in the country today. ERA FM is helmed by top celebrities and continues to have one of the most listeners particularly during the morning rush hours.

Rate: On weekends, the rate for a single spot is around RM300 while it is up to RM500 on weekends.

THR Raaga – This station was formerly Time Highway Radio before it was acquired by Astro.

Rate: starts from RM150 and goes up to RM180 depending on which month.

THR Gegar – Rates start from RM75 and goes to RM95

MY FM – This station offers Chinese language programmes. It has one of the most number of listeners in this segment.

Rate: Starts from RM180 and goes up to RM250 for every spot especially during the peak months.

MIX FM – Started out as a mixture of 80s and modern music, its listener based have grown from those who used to tune in to Hitz.FM. MIX FM is today one of the most popular English Language stations.

Rate: Starts from RM 300 and goes up to RM400 for every spot.

Hitz.FM – Targeted at young, English Language listeners, it has a large group of urban listeners who tune in each day, particularly during the mornings.

Rate: Starts from RM250 and can be up to RM500 during peak months.

Sinar FM – This is a Bahasa Malaysia radio station which has a large group of following.

Rate: Ranges between RM 250 and RM400 per spot

Melody FM – Offering classic and contemporary Chinese music, Melody FM is one of the fastest rising radio stations in recent years.

Rate: Starts from RM 130 to RM250 per spot

Lite FM – This station has a growing listener base, especially among those in the 30 to 40 years old age group.

Rate: Ranges between RM130 and RM240 per spot depending on the month.


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