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The Malaysian edition of the international Marketing Magazine is called the Advertising + Marketing Magazine

This publication was launched in December 2008 which have grown to become one of the most prominent magazines and perhaps the most impactful in the marketing services industry in the country today.

The Advertising + Marketing Magazine provides insights and very useful information to senior client marketers as well as for decision makers in the industry by bringing the latest and most relevant information to them.

Essentially, the Advertising + Marketing magazine is very popular and targeted to the marketing professionals as it remains as the only magazine which is catered for this segment.

Targeted for client marketers and agency professionals, the need for a publication that dwells into all types of marketing that encompasses advertising and one which is honest and independent makes it more significant than others.

Today, the Advertising + Marketing magazine is not only the most read magazine among this professional group, but is also the most respected by sticking to its core values and being a trustworthy magazine, bringing the best and most important resources to client marketers and agency professionals.

Apart from that, the Advertising + Marketing magazine is also read by corporate decision makers of marketing and senior agency professionals where it deliberates on advertising and marketing trends and analyses as well as new insights and developments which are useful for the higher level management group.

Today, the Advertising + Marketing magazine is certified by ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) with an audited circulation of 8,333 copies during the January to June 2011 period. It is distributed free of charge by subscription to qualified decision makers in the industry.

Its main target readers are senior marketing and managers in communications in the government sector and among the medium and large companies.

Those in this segment who are high level managers, senior sales and operations managers who have a certain marketing role are also targeted readers.

Advertising + Marketing is also an ideal source of information for personnel who are decision makers in both the industry that encompasses creative, digital media, Public Relations, media planning, direct marketing, event marketing as well as those in market research companies.

One of the major factor and attraction of Advertising + Marketing is that it is relevant to the readers where they are able to gain much insights and knowledge from real life campaigns and cases.

There are not many publications that offer these resources and none which is as focused as Advertising + Marketing.

The best marketing thinkers are engaged to offer compelling advice and recommendations while the latest news on marketing, advertising and its related industries too are provided focusing mainly in the Malaysian market and its surrounding regions.


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