Call To Action Tips


CTA or Call to Action is a phrase used in digital advertising which is every marketer’s dream (when they work). It is easy to send out an invitation for the user to do something but only 0.01% of them will actually reciprocate.

You cannot force CTA

So, the process is simple, you know that CTA is voluntary and there is only so much you can do to drive them. You cannot force them for sure. If that is the case, what can you do? We list out some useful examples but you need to first decide what is it you are after?

  • Do you want to increase sales?
  • Add new subscribers?
  • Invite them for a webinar?

Now to the samples

What you want to have in your CTA are strong words that do not sound too imposing. The attraction is everything here. At the very least, you should be talking directly to the user. The WORST thing you can do is to use “Click Here”. Try some of these:

  • Join our Community of Winners!
  • Come and find the best things in life
  • This way to your next holiday

It does not need to be always about buying

A lot of advertisers make the grave mistake of trying to sell too much. In fact, some try to be more creative and think that CTA is all about generating leads. The truth is, it is not. CTAs are the best platforms to gauge your customer’s interest in you. Between all the many different methods and styles, getting them to give you their email address would be the perfect start.

Offer them something

And that something is having to do absolutely nothing. When your user knows that it will not inconvenient them in any way and yet give them some form of benefit, they will be more than happy to reciprocate. Something like this might work: Take this offer at no COST to you! We will throw in a Free E-Book too!

Try Us, You’ll Like Us

This is one which is a strong claim. It is one which you want a direct response from your user and when they actually respond, you better be sure to deliver. What you are intending to do with a CTA like this is not to give them time to think too long.


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