Customer Relationship Management – How ready is your business?


Your customer experience is one that you must emphasize if you run any form of digital-related business. This is more evident now that automated services are not only demanded but are now required. A customer with a good relationship experience will always remember you for the good reasons and if it was bad the bad reasons. It is as simple as that.

Are you CRM ready?

Making your customers happy should be in your list of top priorities and doing so automatically (via a system) would only make it a lot better for them. When they have good things to say about you, you get free marketing (via word of mouth). And what you offer to the table will go a long way.

What does it mean?

Customer experience is imperative because it is the impression you leave with them. This is a direct effect on your reputation. Unknown to many, your digital reputation is harder to manage than your non-digital ones. A bad experience, a low-rating service, and bad quality call will bring your reputation down and repair it will take a long time (and cost too!).

What to focus on?

To have good CRM, you need to focus on 2 very important aspects. Your product and your people. Your product will be the center of attention here. Your customers are attracted to you because of what you have to offer. Your product could be cheap or have great functionalities and that are elements that make a difference. But don’t stop there! With a good product, you need to focus on the people, your customers! A bad experience will drive them away, regardless of how good your product could be.

Customer Experience and its importance

To continue sustaining your business, your customers are the center of your operations. The old phrase ‘Customer is always king’ would mean nothing here because they no longer demand service. Instead, They expect SERVICE. In other words, they expect to be served with the most basic of services. From greetings to product information to transactions, delivery, and tracking. Without any of those, there is no reason for them to give you any form of review, what more a positive one.

The power in their hands

Since E-Commerce came about, the power has shifted towards the customer and no longer the sellers. You can only offer so much to them and it is entirely up to them to want to return or a repeat purchase or other engagements.

Drive your customers

The keyword here is to INITIATIVE. Your customers will always not say anything when they are satisfied. At least not most of them. Only a numbered few will return and praise you for the good things you have done. The rest will most definitely NOT! Hence, you need to initiate the correspondence and start the connection. Follow-up after their purchase and see what they think. Drive them to give a review or at least rate your service.One thing for sure, if they are not satisfied or unhappy, they will MOST DEFINITELY say something bad about you. Since they are 2 sides of the same coin, make sure you get the positives in too.

Customers are your BEST resource for brand growth

No other medium in marketing can have the effects of word of mouth from your customers. Since you are directly engaged with them, you must ensure that they are constantly communicating not with you, but with your market. Welcome their comments and input. Ask for them or beg for them even if you want to. It is when they feel that they are appreciated and treasured that your brand gets the recognition it deserves. Among the things you can do:

  • Gauge from customer satisfaction surveys
  • Be proactive and ask customers to ask you for more information (about your products or services)
  • It is not always only about selling. Ask your customers about their experience on your website
  • Engage in social media. Create communities so that they know they matter to your business and not just another transaction


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