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Started in the year 1997, EDSB Outdoor Sdn Bhd is one of the major outdoor advertising media owners in Malaysia. Throughout the last 20 years, EDSB has innovated in products and services to offer top-notch media spaces for its clients and partners.

Catering to every need

Through the different types of media spaces, EDSB is able to provide total solutions for its clients in terms of requirements, expectations and budget. Focusing in outdoor advertising space, EDSB provides options in different formats and sizes to suit the needs of its clients.

Throughout the years, EDSB has been constantly evolving with the times, providing the most effective platforms so that the clients get more mileage for their advertising expenditure.

Contributing to society

As a responsible media firm, EDSB has also contributed back to the society and community through initiatives like building pedestrian bridges and helping schools which have helped a lot of people traveling in those areas.

In terms of products, EDSB manages some of the top and high-traffic media located in prime locations. This translates to high ad views, making these spaces very impactful and effective for the advertisers.
Perhaps the most impactful and trusted media, billboards have been used for decades as they gather a lot of ad-views when they are located at high-traffic locations. EDSB manages many billboards located in major highways and main roads across Malaysia.
Unipole and Vertical Boards
EDSB’s unipole and vertical boards are designed for high views, enacted to be easy to see and capture from the audience.
City Signs
EDSB has many enacted large format signs located around the city center which is often viewed as way finders. This media is usually located at high-traffic locations and are very visible.
Hoards and Mini Poles
These types of media are most effective as they are strategically placed all around the prime locations of city centers.
Bus Advertising
With the rising number of commuters traveling in public transportation, the platform of bus advertising is becoming more prominent than before. Clients intended to reach this target segment can utilize the media managed by EDSB.
Overhead Bridges and Spectaculars
Among the most common types of billboards, EDSB manages many of these large-format media which are very visible at crossroads, major roads and expressways.
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