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EDSB Outdoor Sdn Bhd or EDSB in short is a reputable and established outdoor advertising provider. Based in Malaysia, EDSB was set up in 1997 and has continued to play an important role in supplying advertising and media spaces for its clients around Malaysia ever since.

EDSB today is one of the media owners in the outdoor advertising industry where they offer a wide range of billboards and advertising panels in different shapes and sizes. This will allow EDSB to provide many options to its clients and cater to their respective needs in marketing and advertising.

While EDSB offers many advertising spaces around the country, it is involved in sponsorship programs as well like pedestrian bridges for the underprivileged and many others. In EDSB, clients find an approachable and medium-sized agency that can help and assist in all their local outdoor advertising needs through its many years of experience and proven track record in this industry.

This is because although the market is moving very quickly into more modern and digital advertising industries, the use of billboards and outdoor media are still very popular. Where this is concerned, outdoor advertising plays an integral role in most if not all marketing campaigns where they are still being used to reach a specific group of target audience.

This advertising segment not only deals with billboards but include many other media like transportations, bus shelters and entertainment outlets like shopping malls and clubs.

By providing outdoor advertising options, EDSB is able to offer advertisers with more options and choices in their marketing efforts.

This will in turn create a healthy media mix when brand owners convey their messages to their respective target audiences which will then provide them with more effectiveness and impact in their campaigns.

EDSB Services

Through EDSB, clients are now able to better reach their target markets using outdoor media. This is where EDSB is able to provide a wide variety of services that starts from the designing stages and on through the entire process until the panels are up and running. The conceiving of the idea and the drafting are all involved and through that, EDSB will advise the clients about where and when to advertise.

In these contexts, clients will be able to build better brand awareness through the use of billboards because they are focused in a certain location that will target a certain market group.

Billboards are known to help in enhancing the company’s image as well as to direct traffic and customers to their location since they are situated at a unique space.

EDSB’s products can be seen in many public spaces around the country which are more prominently seen in those that are high in traffic and visible to the public eye. EDSB’s advertising spaces are seen in pedestrian bridges, directional gantry signs that use uni-poles and flyovers, along directional road signs and highways as well as on walls. Meanwhile, billboards are still the most common spaces offered by EDSB.

Other products that EDSB provide include city signs, vertical and spectacular boards as well as wal-banners and LED programmable signs.

Today, EDSB serves a list of very reputable clientele which include major corporations in the public and private sectors. Among them are Maxis, Celcom, KDU, AXA Affin Assurance, Bridgestone Tyres, McDonalds’ Malaysia, Nestle, Cycle & Carriage, DiGi, Telekom, Petronas and Levis, among many others.In terms of contribution to the community, EDSB enacted the first overhead pedestrian bridge at the Penang Free School in Penang in 2001. It would then build the second overhead bridge at the Bukit Jambul School and the third was built in Jalan Bukit Gambier.

Catering to every need

Through the different types of media spaces, EDSB is able to provide total solutions for its clients in terms of requirements, expectations and budget. Focusing in outdoor advertising space, EDSB provides options in different formats and sizes to suit the needs of its clients.

Throughout the years, EDSB has been constantly evolving with the times, providing the most effective platforms so that the clients get more mileage for their advertising expenditure.

Contributing to society

As a responsible media firm, EDSB has also contributed back to the society and community through initiatives like building pedestrian bridges and helping schools which have helped a lot of people traveling in those areas.

In terms of products, EDSB manages some of the top and high-traffic media located in prime locations. This translates to high ad views, making these spaces very impactful and effective for the advertisers.


Perhaps the most impactful and trusted media, billboards have been used for decades as they gather a lot of ad-views when they are located at high-traffic locations. EDSB manages many billboards located in major highways and main roads across Malaysia.

Unipole and Vertical Boards

EDSB’s unipole and vertical boards are designed for high views, enacted to be easy to see and capture from the audience.

City Signs

EDSB has many enacted large format signs located around the city center which is often viewed as way finders. This media is usually located at high-traffic locations and are very visible.

Hoards and Mini Poles

These types of media are most effective as they are strategically placed all around the prime locations of city centers.

Bus Advertising

With the rising number of commuters traveling in public transportation, the platform of bus advertising is becoming more prominent than before. Clients intended to reach this target segment can utilize the media managed by EDSB.

Overhead Bridges and Spectaculars

Among the most common types of billboards, EDSB manages many of these large-format media which are very visible at crossroads, major roads and expressways.

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