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What’s Facebook Page Insights All About?

Facebook Page Insights can be an amazing tool in helping you understand your visitors. This is mostly because people voluntarily enter all kinds of information about themselves – knowing well that Facebook will be using these to target ads and such. These are crucial information for you as a Facebook Page owner. So, what can Facebook Page Insights actually tell you?

Accessing Insights

Clicking on Insights at the top of your Facebook Page will reveal your page likes, post reach and engagement as an overview. Below the dashboard, you can access an overview of your last 5 posts revealing the post type, if you are targeting a specific audience, the post reach and the engagement numbers. Most folks tend to use this when in the middle of a campaign to keep them abreast of the figures.


In this section, there is a Totals graph that tells you if your following has grown or not based on the likes you’ve gained along with the ones you lost. Aside that, it will also reveal the number of paid likes you have received and you can find out where your likes come from; whether from ads, page suggestions, on your page or page likes themselves. Simply by clicking on a particular day on the graph, you can access an insightful pop-up with figures as well.


Similar to the Likes section, the Reach section also shows you graphs and numbers. However, this time it is focusing on the number of people that may have seen your post. May, being the keyword here as those who merely open the page Is counted as a view, too. You can also get an overview of Hide, Report as Spam and Unlikes that your page has garnered and this can help you see which posts have pushed followers away.


Here you can see which of the tabs on your Page have been gaining the most attention; it could be your timeline, the videos tabs or the extra info tab. It’s often the case that the timeline tab tops the popularity charts. You can also access the information on the referrals to your Facebook Page such as your website or even other websites besides your own.


Right here is where we get to the juicy bits: your content! The Insights will first give you a nice overview of your visits per hour along with the important numbers on impressions and engagement you gain per post. This can give you a pretty good idea on what posts work best for your page, If you are keen on knowing how a particular video posts is faring, you can go to Insights > Posts >All Post Published > Tap on the video you want > Post Details > Video.

Time Zone Alert!

If you aren’t aware of this, it’s best to keep in mind that Facebook Page Insights uses Pacific Time Zone to calculate the data. Don’t forget to convert the times into your own time zone for best results.


Facebook Insights can also paint you a picture of the demographics of your followers which includes your fans, the people reached, and the people engaged. Aside from the basics age and gender, you can see their country, city and languages too.

The Cherry on Top

There is one more thing that you should know about Facebook Page Insights and this is competitor information. Not everyone can access this; you are only allowed to add competitor pages to your Facebook Page Insights once your Facebook Page hit the 100 likes mark. We know it isn’t easy getting to 100 likes, but it will definitely be worth it as you’ll be opening up a new side of Insights.

Competitor Information

If you have hit that coveted mark, you will be able to see your competitors’ top posts, number of likes and posts in that week, to name a few. Although they will be getting a notification that someone is watching their page, this isn’t a cause for worry as no names will be revealed.

If you haven’t used Facebook Page Insights yet, we strongly suggest that you start today and watch how fast you can grow!