Feel your visitors to increase conversion rates


Almost half of the account managers who use Google Ads have ABSOLUTELY no idea if their marketing campaigns are working. This is because they are advertising blindly with no idea whatsoever if the visitors are converted into their sites.

Not all visitors become customers

Don’t be disillusioned to think that anyone who comes to your site will become a potential customer. It is already a lot of challenges trying to get them to come to your site. You use every manner possible, free gifts, subscriptions, limited time offer, referrals. And when they do, you celebrate? It feels like a milestone achieved doesn’t it? The truth is, you want the conversion rate because some are leads, some are customers and some are just on-lookers.

What makes them convert?

The first principle of conversion is in your ability to understand your visitor and answer their needs. Every user who comes to your site has an objective. They probably have a question or something that they need. Maybe it is something they hope to find or achieve. If you know just what they are looking for and speak their language, you are there already.

Cost-Benefit for everyone

A visitor who comes to your site will have sized up the cost-benefit and the risks. What does he get for coming to your site? Is the effort even worth the trouble and time spent at your site? Once they are at your site, they will want to know if they get anything out of all the CTA that you have. They will convert once they find out that the effort will be worth the value they get. This is the very motivation that will let you achieve your goal.

So, how do you increase your conversion rate?

Basically, visitors to your site desires a few things. The least inconvenient for the highest value. If you want them to take actions instead of just browsing at your site, think of this:

  • Motivate them
  • Make CTA convenient

The underlying principle

If you want conversion rates to increase and you have the 2 things mentioned above, you pretty much got that in the bag. But the key to this is really in understanding AND knowing what they are thinking. It goes a long way when you can get the confidence from your visitor that you have their interest at heart.


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