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Fun and interesting web design tips

A fun and interesting web design has the power to attract people’s attention and keep them coming back again and again. The trick is to have a site that stays in the mind of the visitor for a long time.

Top ideas to create an exciting site

For marketers out there, here are some useful tips to design a fun and pleasant looking web site to promote your company, brand, product or service.

Ensure best contents at all times

When you design your website, content counts for everything. It is very crucial that you have what your visitors are looking for so that they stay for longer periods when visiting your site.

Tip 1: Simplicity is the best element

A pilot study reveals that the usage of Java and Shockwave animation rarely increase the traffic of a web site. In fact, these applications distract the visitors and at times, it will also slow down the computers.

If you still keen on using animation, please look for good and experienced web developers, there are a numbers of them which offers affordable rates in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We recommend HTML 5 and CSS as they reduce the loading time which will increase the SEO score of your site.

Bear in mind that most visitors do not have the right plug-ins to view the animation. Thus, it is better to keep your web design simple and neat looking and also focus on the web content.

Tip 2: Ensure that the readers can read the content

A web site aims to increase the sales and profits for your brand, product or service. To accomplish that objective, you need to ensure that the readers can read the content in your site. Among some pointers you should consider include:

  • Do not use dark or patterned backgrounds as it is rather hard to read the words.
  • You may use dark-coloured text on white and plain backgrounds.
  • Never use fancy fonts on your web page. If the readers do not have the fonts that you used for your site, the computers will replace it with other different fonts.
  • The most suitable fonts to use are Times Roman, Verdana, Arial or Helvetica. Usually these fonts are available on everyone’s computer.
  • NEVER overdo with CAPS in your content. CAPS is like screaming and yelling at your readers. This tactic will chase your prospects away.
  • Use similar fonts, backgrounds and design on every web page to assist readers in recognizing your web site.

So, stick to this principle, keep it simple and keep it consistent.

Tip 3: Keep line lengths short

The line lengths are usually kept short in most publications for easy reading. Narrow copy on magazines and newspapers serve as a guide to keep the line lengths short.
Short lines attract readers. Besides that, people have a difficult time to read from long lines. Hence, keep it within 85 characters.

Tip 4: Keep paragraphs short

As you keep your lines short, you should also keep the paragraphs short. You have to keep it short to make it as easy and inviting as possible to attract the readers. The best way is to keep it between 5 to 6 lines for a paragraph.

Tip 5: If possible, break up your paragraphs

You can always break your paragraphs with bold or italic sub-headlines. The sub-headlines help the readers to understand what’s coming up in the paragraph below it. In fact, you can even use bulleted list to point out facts and information.

Tip 6: Design a page within 600 pixel x 800 resolution

You should design a web page no wider than 600 pixels and 800 resolution. Why 600 pixels and 800 resolution? Because visitors need to scroll the page left and right if the web page uses more than 600 pixels and they need to adjust the monitors if you create the web site at more than 800 resolution.

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