Health Magazines in Malaysia – Building and Growing Healthy Malaysians


It has been a common practice these days that people from all walks of life across the world are becoming more health-conscious than ever. From eating and diet to exercising, Malaysians are now more concerned about living a healthy life and ensuring they stay at tip top conditions at all times.

Health Magazines – Essential Guides

Because there is a demand among Malaysians for such resources, it has become more crucial than ever that there are information readily available on how you can stay healthy. This can range from ideas of good diet to having your own fitness regime that suits your convenience. Readers today demand the latest information about what they can do and how they can achieve their diet goals and this information can be found in magazines. Malaysia has a healthy mix of resources from both the local and foreign fronts where there are titles that originated from here and some that are integrated from overseas magazines.

Health Topics – Highly relevant and greatly demanded

What makes health magazines so attractive to readers is that they must have the right content that strikes a chord with them. They must have the content that readers are looking for and must ensure that they deliver what they promise. As such, contemporary issues that resonate with the readers will make very big differences between a magazine that works or fail. This includes topics like:

  1. Top 10 Superfoods you must know
  2. Celebrity Diets – What you should or should not follow
  3. Malaysian Food – Good or bad?
  4. Which diet plan is best for you?
  5. STDs – You think you know it but you don’t!

Health titles – What you can expect

There are many titles that are available in Malaysia. Whether you are a fitness freak or a health-conscious person or just curious about some health issues, you will find that there are several magazines that might suit your taste. Among them include:FEATURED: Health.com.my: Malaysia Health Portal

  1. A Healthy Lifestyle – This monthly magazine is one of the popular titles in the market. it is known to have a strong follower through its Chinese language community with a lot of relevant and current information on how a healthy lifestyle can be achieved.
  2. I Sihat – This monthly magazine is published by media giant Utusan Media. It has been around for more than 10 years now and is the only health magazine in Bahasa Malaysia which provides current issues and health tips for its readers.
  3. Long Life – One of the oldest and most established Chinese health magazine in Malaysia, it has been around since 1993. Since then, this has grown to become one of the top titles in its category.
  4. Men’s Health – Those who are familiar with this title will know of its reputation worldwide. In fact, Men’s Health is published in over 20 languages, totaling more than 40 different versions. It has among the highest readership and started in Malaysian since 2003. Mens Health is a magazine originated from United States of America.
  5. Mingguan Kesihatan – This publication is a weekly title which is in Chinese and published weekly.
  6. OH! Only Health – This magazine is published bi-monthly. It is one of the ones that offer easy reading without all the serious tones that are found in many health magazines
  7. Shape – One of the most popular health magazines for women not only in Malaysia but across the world as well.
  8. Urban Health – As the name implies, this is the magazine for you if you are an urbanite and if you are concerned about your health. It offers modern reading and a lot of informative contents too!


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