How companies could leverage on Micro-Blogging to build stronger brands?


Everyone knows how companies these days are riding on the popularity of social media, Web 2.0, user-generated content and such to help in their marketing campaigns.

Businesses must leverage on social networks

In fact, consumers are fast moving into a brand’s Facebook page for information instead of their principal websites. The use of micro-blogging services like Twitter has caught on to this type of popularity and it has become part and parcel of businesses and their marketing campaigns.

While Facebook has its own set of followers, Twitter is fast-catching on as an alternative especially with renowned brands and icons.

Not a difficult strategy to use Twitter

So is it easy to use micro-blogs for marketing? So far, it seemed that it is only ‘natural’ to go into social media but recent research showed that less than 15% of companies are effectively using such services.

Notice here that there is a huge difference between using social media and effectively using them. Everyone is on Facebook. Companies, customers, end-user and just about anyone in the world have an account with Facebook. Naturally, this would be the same for Twitter users too.

But did you know that most companies with a Facebook account are quite ignorant about how they can use it to market their products? A lot of misconception is on Facebook that it would replace their web site.

This challenge is made a lot harder with Twitter simply because it is a micro-blogging site. Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not allow you to share as much. If Facebook has so many challenges, Twitter will have a whole lot more.

It is therefore imperative for companies to be able to understand how to apply such services so that they are able to apply their marketing strategies to full effect. Microblogging can be one of the areas which marketers could leverage if they are able to connect to their customers. Twitter is one of the best places to create a buzz. Tell the people what is coming out and you will be surprised to see your customers responding.

Keep your customers informed

What then, can you do with Twitter? Here are some angles:

  1. Upcoming and expectations – Use it to tell your customers about what to expect. This is very important and it could well be your review of upcoming products. In fact, it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach your target market before the launch of a new product line. But be careful because as you are watching very closely over your shoulders, your competitors too will be watching you.
  2. Personalize – Remember that despite it being an automated system, your customers would still want to feel personal. So avoid using Twitter to make only official announcements that your followers would feel is like Press Releases. This could be done on your own website.
  3. Connect and communicate – Be a bit more human and personal about your Tweets so that your customers could feel a connection. What you Tweet is important so avoid being too ‘official’ and try to be a bit more creative and fun. Appreciate the feedback from your customers and acknowledge them. Most importantly, build a buzz. This is one of the best platforms to create anticipation from your customers.

Use wisely and not simply

Ultimately, the whole idea behind Twitter is that you must be wise in what you do. This is more so because you only have a few sentences to communicate. What you say and how you word it makes a whole lot of difference.

And if you are heading out to use Twitter, take note of the following

Find out how well your Twitter account is performing.

At this point, you probably would already have a Twitter account for some time. However, you might not be aware of whether it is doing well. So, the keyword here is to ‘take stock’ of your account. Use Twitter analytic tools that can show you where you stand currently. What you want to get out of this is to find out how your hashtags are performing and to find out which Tweets are doing better than others. This will give you the indication of which Tweets would work well or that your audience like to read about. That will then help you in determining your next step of action in planning your marketing strategy.

Tip: You can check out the features in Twitter Analytics and selecting a range of data to see how they are performing

Be original on Twitter

The main idea of Twitter is to be original and genuine. Your audience appreciates you being more informal than your more corporate social network accounts but they also like your persona to be your true self.

The challenge is in trying to be informal and yet consistent with your overall brand image. The messaging you promote on Twitter needs to be strong and aligned to your product’s personality but you need to be different from the other brands too. Look for what is trending and be part of the new waves but maintaining the rapport and reputation of your brand.

Tip: When you are trending, you get better engagement but do not jump onto everything. Not all that is trending is good for your brand.

Never forget your hashtags

Make no mistake about it, Twitter marketing is all about hashtags. It has been found that Tweets with hashtags are way more effective than those without. In fact, they get more than twice the engagement rates. However, be mindful about using hashtags as not to overkill your tweets. What you want to do is to get more exposure and that should be the main objective.

Tip: You can create special hashtags for specific campaigns that you might be running which is a common strategy by many big brands.

Get into Twitter Advertising

Like any other social network out there, you should also get involved in Twitter ads. Paid ads provide you with a good platform to get a wider reach directly. This means that you could connect with a larger group of potential customers who might not have followed your Twitter account. Promoted Tweets will push your Tweets to timelines of those who have similar interests as your followers.

Tip: Promoted Tweets are indicated as paid ads, so users will know that they are sponsored.

Always promote two-way communication

Twitter is a social network which means it is all about communication. What you must get out of this platform is to be able to talk and converse with your audience. The content that you create and Tweet about should allow your audience to be part of your network. They should align with your brand while allowing them to have a voice.

Tip: Your marketing team should be on standby to answer correspond to any Tweets (or Retweets) so as to build a good digital reputation.


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