How to Get your Business into Organic Search


No one knows you exist. No matter how good your product is and how incredible your branding might be if you are not on the first page of search results. That is why organic reach is so critical. The records don’t lie. You get 33% of the traffic if your site is at number one position of Google Search.

What is the logic behind this?

Your users only want relevant search results. You can use paid ads but that will only take you this far. Organic search means you work on your content and let Google’s algorithm to the rest. There is no short-cut to this and you cannot cheat. You cannot outwit Google but you sure can improve your content for Google’s algorithm to pick you out. Here are some ways to get around it.

Know yourself and where you stand

If you plan to improve your search ranking, it would be good to first know where you are. This will allow you to know which areas you need to improve on. You can find out where your page is ranked for a certain keyword as well as the speed of your site loads. With that information, you might be able to identify where your loopholes are.

Keywords that work for you

The information on keywords that determine your page rank will allow you to now work on refining your keyword list. There are some keywords that you might be strong in but it is the same for millions of other companies. Pick out the most relevant keywords and then target the right ones. The industry that your business is in might not be the strongest keyword.

How do keywords work for you?

To say the least, keywords are the main factor that will drive traffic. Which are the ones that will drive conversions? How are they grouped in categories? Would ‘Information Technology’ and ‘Information Systems’ fall into the same group?

Focus on copy with quality

Ultimately, you need to have a good quality copy. Headlines and anchor text play strong parts in developing quality content. Your content must appeal to humans, not the computer. It is not about repeating the same keyword in your content but being clever about them.

Titling your pages and content

Quite importantly, duplicates are a direct no-no in organic search. This can be an article in its entirety or just fractions or just the title of the paragraph. The title tag should offer a description of the content and that should be it.


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