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How To Market Instagram Account


Grow Your Followers On Instagram, Today!
With over 600 million users and counting, Instagram has grown into an amazing marketing platform to help businesses reach their potential customers from all over the globe. One of the core ways of improving your Instagram marketing is by growing your following on a steady and consistent flow – wondering how to do that? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you!
First Impression Matters
If you look at some of the best Instagram accounts, you’ll see that they all have some things in common – a compelling bio, appealing profile picture and a website link that directs visitors to their homepage. These are crucial elements that come into play when a user is contemplating whether or not to hit that Follow button. So, spend time working on this part of your profile.
Jump On the Business Profile Bandwagon
Notice how some folks have grey titles such as ‘public figure’, ‘writer’, and etc. below their name on their account? These are business profiles that offer the users access to analytics and engagement data of their account. Converting to business profile via the Settings tab helps you better understand how users are interacting with your content and how to enhance your engagement.
Be Loud – Everywhere
The easiest way to gain more followers is to cross promote your Instagram posts on all your other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn. Since these platforms already have folks that love your brand, you’ll just be giving them another way to socially connect with you and/or your brand.
Don’t Suffocate Your Followers
To market your Instagram profile, you’ll have to post often enough so that your brand remains relevant but too much posts could actually turn followers away. Avoid overwhelming your followers by posting about twice daily and at different times of the day to test out your engagement high points as well as to see how your followers respond.
Make Your Followers Feel Important
Just because it’s social media doesn’t mean you don’t have to be friendly. Interact with your followers by replying to their comments as this is a sure way to grow loyal customers. Aside that, you should also use captions in a way that would get your followers to interact with your posts such as “Double Tap if you agree!”
Hashtags: Your Golden Key
A great way of creating instant engagement is to come up with an interactive hashtag. Be sure that your hashtag isn’t too complicated as it’ll be easier for customers to use them to tag their photos. You could repost these pictures which would result in more followers using the hashtag for the sole purpose of being featured on your page.
Get Noticed By Industry Relevant Profiles
It’s wise to follow Instagram accounts of brands, media companies or people from your own industry as these accounts may follow you back and could even significantly improve your initial audience. To increase your chances of getting noticed, tap on like or leave a comment on their last couple of posts.
Spice Things Up A Little
Posting regular content is good but if you’re interested in taking that up a notch, you should consider running Instagram contests with gifts. If executed well, this is one of the best ways to drive new followers as well as engagement on your Instagram account – because who doesn’t like free things?
The Secret Is Not Only In Pictures
Since Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, many often strive to upload only their best IG-worthy shots. However, not many realize that Instagram videos sometimes garner more than twice the engagement rate of photos. Make your videos fun and engaging so that your followers will tag their friends on it, increasing your account’s virality.
Be Current and Attract Millennials
Instagram’s latest feature, Instagram Stories, is a direct spin-off of SnapChat where posts vanishes after 24 hours. Although regular posts are good, it can often be lost in the midst of all other posts in the user’s newsfeed – Instagram stories merges all postings from one account into one slideshow which gives you better chance at getting noticed. Millennials love this feature and if you nail this, your brand will grow among this population.